Dog’s Best Trend Review December 2016

Dog’s Best Trend offers an exclusive line of stylish, unique, and fun scarves for dogs.  Your subscription helps dogs find their forever home. A portion of every subscription is donated to dog rescue groups across the country.

Dog’s Best Trend gives you the option of selecting a small or large dog as the recipient.  You can try it for free or even give it as a gift!  Each month your pooch will be spoiled with adorable and trendy scarves!

I love the quality of the scarves.  They are silky to the touch, but tough and durable fabric.  They are easy to tie up and easy to size down if folded right.  These scarves were for a larger dog, but after a couple of folds they looked just as adorable on 18lb Bentley!

I’m not a big fan of stiff cottons or other fabrics for dog scarves as they often look funny or sit oddly on the neck, but these looked great and gathered nicely around the collar!

Though a little big for Bentley I will for sure be using these on trips to friends houses!  I always like to make sure Bentley puts his best paw forward as a guest in other people’s homes and Dog’s Best Trend is a great way to do that!

-Shonah and Bentley




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