Dog’s Best Trend Review March 2017

Dog’s Best Trend offers an exclusive line of stylish, unique, and fun scarves for dogs.  Your subscription helps dogs find their forever home. A portion of every subscription is donated to dog rescue groups across the country.  This month’s scarf supports Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Each month will feature a designer or two and give you a bit of a back story on the designer.  In March’s box we’ve been given three scarves, and two designers.  It does not specify which designer is to which scarf, but let’s take a look at what we received!

Designer – Bo Kristensen

As an avid cyclist, dog lover, and artist, Bo is heavily influenced by the colours and patterns found within the cycling sport and fashion.  After going to college for fine art, he switched his day-to-day focus to the digital design in the last 90’s.  Since, he has done both graphic and fine art for clients such as Pepsi, and the Baltimore Orioles.  Bo’s style is clean and modern, with a dash of creative patterns and a little bit of fun.  He starts the old school way with a pencil and paper before polishing those ideas as pixels.

This is my favourite scarf in the box!  I love the colours and patterns!  It’s always hard to know which side of a scarf to feature, but with this one all sides make a standing expression!

I love the classic look of this one!  The colours are so deep and rich.  They look so great against Bentley’s colouring.  This really reminds me of a classic St. Patrick’s Look.

Designer – Jovana Milenkovic

Although interested in all forms of art, Jocana’s vocation is fashion and textile design.  But to relax she enjoys abstract painting.  Water is an ever-inspiring element for her.  While her most frequent techniques use watercolour, she is fond of mixing techniques and styles.  As a true eclectic, she also enjoys plying bass guitar, kickboxing, and dancing.  If she had to sum herself up in one word, it would be: spontaneous

Beautiful!  The colours are so soft on this one.  I love the celtic design against the water colour background.  This one was tricky to know how to tie, as every side looked uniquely beautiful.

Dog’s Best Trend March 2017 – Final Thoughts

I really loved this months selections.  It makes me very hopeful for spring, flowers and colours!  I think Bentley will have to wear one of these each day to keep inspiring me and reminding me of the coming season!  Dog’s Best Trend does a great job of sourcing beautiful and inspiring patterns to fancy up your furry friend.  I also like that their choices aren’t necessarily pet specific, but seasonal.  Bentley is going to be the cutest little shamrock this St. Patrick’s Day!

-Shonah & Bentley




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