Dollar Tea Club Review November 2020

Dollar Tea Club is a monthly subscription for loose leaf tea. You will receive a sample every month of ethically sourced teas for as little as a dollar. They kindly sent us this box to review.

Dollar Tea Club sources their teas through direct trade, ensuring that the farmers are paid reasonable wages. All their teas are flavored naturally and contain no artificial flavors.

Subscription Details

There are a few subscription tiers to choose from:

The Explorer – $1 per month plus shipping for 3 samples of tea. Each sample pack contains enough tea for 2-3 cups. You can add 3 HoneyStix to your subscription for $1.95.

The Sensei – $12.70 per month plus shipping for one 50g pouch of tea, monthly samples (makes 6-8 cups), 3 HoneyStix, and 10 tea filters. You will also receive a free infuser with your first order.

The Sommelier – starts at $9 per month plus shipping for your perfect amount of tea (a couple of cups a week, one cup per day, or three cups a day). Each monthly subscription also comes with samples of the month, and a free infuser and tea filters with your first order.

If you enjoy any of the blends sampled, you may order more tea directly from the shop. This is a review of the Explorer plan.

Everything is shipping in a recyclable cardboard mailer. Let’s take a closer look at all the teas sampled this month!

Remember Me

“Remember Me!  Cherish the memories of sweet caramel ticklers as they appear at the foreground and finish with haunting Earl Grey.”

Earl Grey is among my favorite teas! Here it is sweetened by dried apples and a touch of caramel. The floral notes of cornflower, linden, and mallow petals serve to further enhance the flavors. I enjoyed this one as a latte with some sweetener and soy milk. It was the perfect pick me up after a long day!

Uncle Iroh

“Uncle Iroh –  Very very nice. Superb synergy of jasmine, green tea and luscious lychee fruit. Sweet fruit finish makes this blend exquisite.  Exceptional taste!”

I got a good laugh out of the name for this tea. We binge watched the Avatar animated series on Netflix over the summer and Uncle Iroh is one of my favorite characters. This is a Sencha style green tea layered with jasmine petals. It is delicate, floral, with a slight tang. I found it calming and the perfect after dinner tea.

Forever Nuts

“Simple exquisite almond and hazelnut notes that make freshly dried fruit and hibiscus come alive!”

I love a good nutty tea, and Forever Nuts does not disappoint! The floral notes of hibiscus and fruity notes of dried fruit deliciously balance out the nuttiness. I personally find nutty teas like this perfect for the colder weather we are having right now.

Dollar Tea Club Review November 2020 – Final Thoughts

The Dollar Tea Club teas this month are all delicious, and I enjoyed them all equally. There was a good variety of green, black, and fruity type teas for each occasion. I really love this idea to try out tea samples before committing to a larger amount. The sample amounts are generous, I was able to get three or more cups out of each pack. I appreciate that the instructions for brewing the ideal cup are clearly provided on the packet. If you are looking for a gift for the loose leaf tea lover in your life, this subscription is a great option!

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