Driftaway Coffee Review May 2018

Driftaway Coffee is a coffee subscription service that sends personalized, freshly-roasted coffee directly to your home. Their mission is to make everyone drink amazing coffee at home. All subscriptions begin with a tasting kit that contains four distinct coffee profiles. Based on your preferences, future deliveries are matched to your taste profile. Because they change their coffees monthly, you’ll rarely receive the same coffee shipment twice. This allows you to explore the world of high-quality coffee from the comfort of home. Gift subscriptions are available as well. They kindly sent us this box for review.

So….here’s the deal. I love coffee. I always have and always will. But, I’m ashamed to admit I’ve gotten lazy over the last few years and most of my coffee is of the k-cup variety, simply because it’s fast and easy. But, I’m well aware of the fact that k-cup coffee isn’t the best. You end up sacrificing taste for convenience. So, one of my goals for this year was to do a way with my k-cup brewer, find a coffee machine that would allow me to use fresh coffee beans and get back to enjoying a quality cup of coffee.

This is where Driftaway Coffee comes in. I ordered myself an amazing coffee machine, the Breville Grind Control to be exact, got myself set up with the tasting kit from Driftaway Coffee, and as a result I am sitting here sipping on an amazing cup of coffee. No joke, it is amazing! Let’s go over the details……

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Driftaway Coffee subscription your first delivery will be the Tasting Kit.

  1. The First Shipment – The Tasting Kit
    1. We believe that tasting is the only way to figure out what coffee you like. That’s why all of our subscriptions start with a tasting kit: a collection of four 2 oz. bags of fresh, delicious, single origin whole coffee beans. After tasting each coffee, pick your favorites and we’ll match future shipments to your taste!
  2. Customize Size & Frequency
    1. Decide how often you would like to receive your shipment – weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly.
    2. Decide how much coffee you would like to receive in each box – Solo, Doppio, 1 Pounds or 2 Pounds.

Here’s a peek at the tasting kit……

The first delivery of all coffee subscriptions, the tasting kit has four single-origin coffees belonging to the following taste profiles. Through this kit, you’ll discover the unique tastes coffees can have based on where they are from & how they’ve been roasted. There’s something for everyone (even tea lovers!) in our coffee subscriptions!

PCC – Peru Cajamarca Chirinos

We have used our #2 Classic Profile, which is a light-medium roast, to balance the many different flavours in this coffee. Coffee cherry, raisin and notes meld together nicely to create a smooth, classic cup of coffee at this roast level.

This is the one I decided to try first. I simply added the beans to my Breville, adjusted the settings accordingly (grind, strength and number of cups) and within 5 minutes I had the best cup of coffee I’ve had in a long time. I could have made this first one a little stronger but the result was a very smooth, fresh-tasting, non-bitter, wonderful cup of coffee. I could detect a tiny bit of cherry and the fact that they describe this one as smooth couldn’t be more accurate.

EDP – El Salvador Finca Divina Providencia

We roasted this selection with our #4 Bold Profile to enhance its inherent qualities. The darker roast brings out the chocolate and toffee notes, which are well-balanced with nutty flavours.

CCM – Columbia La Union C&M

Columbia is known for producing balanced coffees, and this is no exception. We roasted this with our #3 Balanced Profile to showcase its origin characteristics while giving it a little body.

RHK Rwanda Kanyege

Our #1 Fruit Profile, which is a lighter roast, brings out the raspberry, melon and lime zest notes of this coffee.

I haven’t had a chance to test out the other 3 tasting packages as of yet. I want to take my time with them. But based on the first one I tried, I am sold. You don’t know how nice it is to have a quality cup of coffee. One that is made from fresh beans, beans that our ground seconds before brewing…….#coffeeperfection

Driftaway Coffee Review May 2018 – Final Thoughts

My very first Driftaway Coffee experience was a complete success. Everything from the packaging, to the product cards, and the coffee beans themselves. Driftaway Coffee has a quality subscription on their hands. No details are overlooked. I appreciate the attention to detail, the professional packaging, the price point and the fresh beans. They ship Worldwide and have a variety of subscription options to choose from. Based on first impressions alone…….I’m a fan!


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