Driftaway Coffee Tasting Kit Review April 2019

Driftaway Coffee is a coffee roaster based out of Brooklyn, NYC that offers personalized coffee subscriptions. Driftaway Coffee roasts small-batch single origin coffees and ships them within 6 hours of roasting for maximum freshness. Their subscription service connects customers to coffee farmers and contributes to a sustainable livelihood for the farmers. They help customers discover what kinds of coffees they love and even offer education on how to brew better coffee at home!

I’m a huge coffee lover, though I don’t consider myself a coffee connoisseur. I really enjoy trying new coffees (medium and dark roasts are my favorite) and the french press is my preferred way to brew. I tried Driftaway Coffee several years ago and really loved them, so I was excited to give their coffee subscription another try.

Subscription Details

Your first Driftaway Coffee shipment is the tasting kit (which is what I’m reviewing today).

Driftaway Coffee sends four 2oz bags for you to try out and you let them know your favorites so they can best curate your future shipments to suit your taste.

You can choose the size and frequency of your shipments based on how much coffee you go through. They have options for weekly, every second week and monthly shipments in a variety of sizes to best suit your needs. Prices vary based on your selections.

I really admire Driftaway Coffee’s business structure- they’ve really thought of everything! Their Bean to Bean program donates 5 cents from every pound of coffee roasted to World Coffee Research, they have a Coffeecademy blog that teaches you all about coffee and brewing it, and they also have an app that lets you manage your subscription online.

In addition to all of this, they also include a postcard with each bag of coffee that tells you all about the people who made your coffee, the roaster’s notes and a few fun facts. I love this touch as I really enjoy learning more about where my food/drink comes from.

As mentioned previously, I received four different coffees to help narrow down my coffee preferences. There are four different profiles included in the tasting kit: Level 1 (fruity), Level 2 (classic), Level 3 (balanced) and Level 4 (bold).

The fruity (made by Kinini Washing Station in Rwanda) was okay, I enjoyed the balanced (made by Altos de Marfil in Ecuador), didn’t care for the bold (made by Lima Coffee in Peru) as I found it very acidic, and also didn’t care for the classic (made by Fazena Mariano in Brazil) as it was too weak for my liking. Based on this, I’d definitely stick to the balanced profile for future Driftaway Coffee shipments.

Driftaway Coffee Tasting Kit Review April 2019 – Final Thoughts

I absolutely love the whole concept behind Driftaway Coffee. I think they’re a great business and love everything from their packaging and their ethics to their customer to coffee farmer connection. I think it’s very cool that through their subscription service, I can feel so connected to the people behind a product I am consuming every day. I wasn’t the hugest fan of 3/4 of the coffees in my tasting kit, but understandably so being that the purpose of it is to see what kind of coffees you’d like to receive in future. I think Driftaway Coffee is doing great work and definitely recommend giving them a try if you are into coffee!

Chelsea Olivia – https://www.oliveandivyblog.com

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