Emma & Chloe Review July 2017

Emma & Chloe is a subscription box for the jewelry lover. Get gorgeous and unique French designed jewelry pieces delivered right to your door each month accompanied by its certificate of authenticity, a 100% fashion and beauty gazette and a postcard. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Emma & Chloe is the perfect way to add to your jewelry collection without going overboard.  They provide you with one high quality item every month and are sure to switch it up from earrings, to necklaces to bracelets to make sure you are getting a variety of items to keep your accessories interesting and beautiful!

Designer of the Month – Nilai Comar

Nilai Comar was born in Turkey and gave life to her own jewelry brand 10 years ago. Nilai’s jewelry is heavily influenced by her eastern background, having spent 18 years visiting the great bazaar of Istanbul. Nilaï is a chic, bohemian brand, working with 24K fine gold plated jewelry, natural stones, and lucky symbols.

Creation of the Month – Bangle Summer Cauri ($55)

It was during a trip to India that led Nilai to the Maldives, where she discovered the importance of the Cauri shell.  Its symbolism fascinated her!  It was used as currency throughout Oceania, China, and it is still used as so in Africa!  Wearing it could bring wealth and prosperity, luck and travel.  Nilai loves this touch of exoticism in her jewelry.  This Cauri shell Summer Bangle bracelet is a real call for escape and holidays.

Emma & Chloe July 2017 – Final Thoughts

I simply love this item!  It’s so pretty on its own or would go amazingly with a bunch of other bangles!  It’s the perfect summer accessory.  The quality of Emma & Chloe is consistent and impressive.  In each box they provide a small magazine where you can find more items from the same designer if you want to add to your collection.  I feel very charmed and get a touch of elegance from this month’s box!  Looking forward to more of the same.


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