Emma & Chloe Review February 2017

Emma & Chloe is a subscription box for the jewelry lover. Get gorgeous and unique French designed jewelry pieces delivered right to your door each month accompanied by its certificate of authenticity, a 100% fashion and beauty gazette and a postcard. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Emma & Chloe subscriptions arrive in a gorgeous little black box. Everything about this subscription screams quality. From the packaging, to the magazine, and the gorgeous French designed jewelry tucked inside.

When you sign up for a subscription you can select if you prefer gold or silver jewelry, clip on earrings or regular earrings.

If you read last month’s review you will know that I am a huge fan of this subscription. I absolutely LOVE the idea of receiving one quality piece of jewelry each month as opposed to 3 or 4 pieces of lesser quality.

This month’s piece is designed by Nils Avril. Nils Avril is a fine jewelry brand founded in 2008. Her products are sold in France and abroad but every single piece is handmade in the Parisian workshop of the designer.

Nils Avril Audrey Necklace – Value $60

Necklace plated with 24k gold or deep coated in a silver bath and glazed with coloured enamel. This double chains long necklace fits perfectly with a nice décolletée or shirt! 

I think this is a gorgeous piece. It will go with a number of different outfits as it is delicate enough to wear with something bold, and pretty enough to wear with something simple. I love that they offer their monthly selections in gold and silver. My preference has always been gold so I find this piece to be absolutely stunning. This will go perfectly with my ring from the January box, which I have been wearing on a regular basis.

Emma & Chloe Review February 2017 – Final Thoughts

Emma & Chloe is easily one of my favourite jewelry subscriptions. It fits my preferences perfectly. I love the quality and the simplicity of each piece. I also love the professionalism of the subscription itself. I appreciate a box that is done well, and this one is certainly done well. You can tell that a lot of time and effort goes into the curation, the marketing, and the branding. This month’s necklace has a value of $60 which means they have also priced the box well. I would certainly recommend this box and I could definitely see myself giving it as a gift. Mother’s Day maybe??


One comment on “Emma & Chloe Review February 2017

  1. ESHusain says:

    I was a customer. I am extremely dissatisfied with this company. I bought 3 subscriptions, 2 for friends and everyone was so dissatisfied with the product. It was cheap, stuff fell apart and looked like trinkets you would buy at the dollar store. No joke. And there is no refund, no cancellation once you buy a subscription. The customer service is totally unhelpful.

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