Emma & Chloe Review June 2017

Emma & Chloe is a subscription box for the jewelry lover. Get gorgeous and unique French designed jewelry pieces delivered right to your door each month accompanied by its certificate of authenticity, a 100% fashion and beauty gazette and a postcard. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry is absolutely gorgeous and the subscription itself is pretty wonderful. I love the simplicity of Emma & Chloe. You receive one gorgeous piece of jewelry each month. It’s always on trend, and it’s always high quality. In addition to being on trend, each piece we receive also has a timeless nature to it. This subscription is the perfect way to invest in your jewelry collection, without breaking the bank. As you can probably tell, I am in love with my Emma & Chloe subscription.

Emma & Chloe is featuring the following Designer in June:

Vadine Sister has been creating jewelry since the age of 16. She studied art history at school and went onto train with other creators including the Marseille MAKE collective and it was here that she formed her first jewelry line. Using mixed materials Vadine formed her high fashion brand in 2010 and is now famed for her solar and lunar inspired designs.

Sunhorn Necklace ($86)

The piece of jewelry that we discovered for you this month is the Sunhorn Necklace from the designer Vadine Sister. It was made of brass and gilded with gold or soaked in a silver bath. 

Subscribers could have received one of two color options for June; gold & white or silver and teal. As you can see, I received the silver option, and even though I typically prefer gold jewelry to silver, I am actually really loving this necklace. The teal/silver combo is perfect for summer. You can add a little bit of color to your outfit without going too crazy. And….teal could be considered a summer “neutral” as it goes with almost every color of the rainbow – pink, coral, yellow, red, orange……you name it!

Emma & Chloe Review June 2017 – Final Thoughts

My Emme & Chloe reviews are always short, and sweet, and to the point. But that’s how you could describe the subscription itself, so it only seems natural that my reviews match. We receive one quality piece of jewelry each month, it always comes in either gold or silver, it’s always on trend, and I always love the piece we receive. I don’t think there has been an Emma & Chloe box I haven’t liked. For $35 per month you really can’t go wrong. If you have been thinking about stepping up your jewelry game……Emma & Chloe is the perfect place to start.


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