Emma & Chloe Review November 2017

Emma & Chloe is a subscription box for the jewelry lover. Get gorgeous and unique French designed jewelry pieces delivered right to your door each month accompanied by its certificate of authenticity, a 100% fashion and beauty gazette and a postcard. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Emma & Chloe is one of my favorite jewelry subscription boxes. I love the simplicity and the quality. Each piece we receive is not only gorgeous but timeless as well. I feel like I will have all my Emma & Chloe jewelry in my collection for years to come.

November Designer

Dear Charlotte is a romantic and delicate jewelry brand, featuring pendant necklaces and simple bangles that are chic and easy to wear everyday.

Vanessa Pinoncely, the designer, brings old vintage pieces back into fashion to create timeless jewelry in the modern world.

There’s that word timeless again. It really is the perfect way to describe Emma & Chloe. I love that their featured designs will be wearable next year, and the year after that, and the year after that…..

Shield Bangle

This month, discover The Byzance Shield Bangle by Dear Charlotte. Vanessa Pinoncely, the french designer and owner brings old vintage pieces back into fashion to create timeless jewelry in the modern world.

This bangle was designed in Vanessa’s Parisian design studio, following her adventures in Greece. The antique shield design is inspired by the beautiful Greek architecture in its ancient cities.

The perfect jewelry to escape this grey and cold November!

Normally I’m not a fan of bangles but this one is absolutely gorgeous. As with all their designs, subscribers could have received gold or silver. I always go for gold when given the option and love how it complements the blue stones. I am also very happy with the sizing. Often times bangles can be oversized but that’s not the case here. I can adjust this one to fit my tiny wrists.

Emma & Chloe Review November 2017 – Final Thoughts

This month’s Emma & Chloe piece is absolutely gorgeous, but that should come as no surprise. I love all the designs they feature, I’ve never been disappointed. I’ve said this many times before but Emma & Chloe really is the perfect jewelry subscription for those of us who appreciate simplicity and quality. I feel like I am building a timeless jewelry collection with my monthly Emma & Chloe delivery. I’m a huge fan of quality over quantity and that’s exactly what you get with this gorgeous little box.


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