Ensemble Box Review February 2017

Delivered on the first week of each month, Ensemble Box treats your wardrobe to exciting styles inspired by countries and cultures globally!  Enjoy your hand selected ensemble of accessories, following exciting themes that highlight countries across the world.  Driven by the desire to see the world and experience new countries through fashion, our team finds inspiration everywhere from small communities, to large international cities.  Monthly plan is $39.99 and a three month plan is $119. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I love the idea of receiving items from around the world!  I was pretty thrilled when I opened up this month’s Ensemble to find it was themed on Italy!  I traveled to Italy a few years ago and can’t wait to go back!  Italy’s culture is breathtaking and an overload to the senses.

Each Ensemble will include a few items to inspire your wardrobe!  This month we have received a scarf, choker, bracelet and a boxed treat!

Pashmina Silk Scarf

Plush velvet in a glow of red tones mixes sheer and opaque weaves into an artistic design that turns heads.  Elevate even the most ordinary outfit with this beautifully crafted velvet scarf.  It has a wonderful soft feel and is great as an outdoor scarf or an indoor scarf.

I can’t say that I’m too excited about this item.  It feels more Spanish than Italian to me.  The quality also doesn’t feel very nice with the shimmer coming off in my hands.  The style also really isn’t my thing.  I am a big on scarves though and scarves were the main gift I brought back from Italy with me, so if a scarf is a staple item in this box I would be interested to see what else could be provided.

Layered Tear Drop Choker

Black faux leather chocker with a double tear drop design, embellished with sparkly rhinestones.  A trendy accessory to complement any look, any time of the year

Chokers are back in full force!  I can’t even really believe it, as I remember when they were big in the 90’s and once they were out I thought they were out for good.  Never say never.  I haven’t found a huge urge to jump back on the choker train, but this one is rather nice and I would consider it for a nicer occasion!

Venetian Mask Charm Bracelet

This layered bracelet features multiple charms and is easily adjustable.  It’s earth tone makes it a great accessory to pair with any ensemble.

I do really love this item!  It was the only item in the box that really reminded me of Italy and in particular Venice, as masks are huge in Venice!  I would wear this item on regular and would consider pairing it with a watch or other light bracelets.

La Florentine Torrone

A traditional confection made from the finest ingredients in Italy, from a world-renowned-brand, La Florentine Torrone.  This tasty nougat candy, made from the freshest almonds, sugar, honey and many other premium ingredients, is individually wrapped in thin wafer sheets.

I do love nougats and find them to be a very popular and common treat in Europe!  I’m excited to try this.

Ensemble February 2017 – Final Thoughts

I love the idea of this box, but I wasn’t overly impressed with it.  I believe the items are inspired and not sourced from the actual countries.  When I saw the theme was Italy what immediately came to mind was leather, high fashion, and masks.  I was happy to see the mask represented in the bracelet, but was a little let down by the other items.  It didn’t scream Italy to me and maybe left a little to be desired.  I would love to see some more traditional items included in this subscription.   There isn’t always a need to be top trending.  Sometimes invoking that spirit of a culture is more meaningful.  I will definitely be wearing the bracelet and looking at it with fond memories of my time in Italy!





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