EsianMall Snack Box Review February 2017

EsianMall Snack Box is a monthly subscription box service that offers gamers, geeks, anime fans, and cosplayers the best Asian snack and beauty products.  You can choose from a mini box (5-6 snacks), medium box (8-10 snacks) or the deluxe box (12-14 snacks).  Today we will be reviewing the deluxe box! They kindly sent us this box for review.

I can get a little geeky when it comes to old school games!  I’m not much of a gamer over all and couldn’t tell you about any of the current video games, but I can still tell you how to find the wings in almost every level of Super Mario 3!  I like the idea of a geek themed box!  Opening up this box I was hoping to find a few more gamer themed items.  For the most part, EsianMall Snack Box is just that, snacks.  Let’s take a look!

I was super impressed at the amount of items in this box and how nicely they were all packaged in.  I also liked that most items came with multiples instead of just one of each item.  This way you can enjoy more of the ones you liked!

Lotte Choco Pie

This delicious treat packs a marshmallow centre between two soft biscuits, covered in chocolate!  

Strawberry Biscuits

Hard, crunchy wafers with a soft Hokkaido milk white chocolate centre.  The wafer is similar to an ice cream cone and they taste delicious!

Fizzy Cola Soda Candy

These Japanese favourites have a delicious, fizzy, soda centre that packs a punch!  The unique packaging also adds to the fun!

Kasugai Coffee Candy

Coffee hard candies that taste exactly like a cup of slow-roasted, deep bodied coffee.  The caffeinated candy is a perfect pick-me-up treat!

Lotte Custard Cakes

Moist, mini cakes with a creamy custard centre.  Not unlike a Hostess cupcake, these cakes are soft, light, and gooey when you bite into them.

Lemon or Cheese Cookies

Lemon flavoured cream, or cheesy sandwich cookies.  These petite cookies are light, savoury, and delicious!  Which type will you get?

Mario Choco Lollipop

Enjoy your favourite Super Mario character in lollipop form!  This chocolate lollipop is coated in delicious strawberry and chocolate!

Hello Panda Biscuits

These crunchy biscuits are filled with a sweet, milky cream, and have adorable drawings of pandas on the outside!  They are so fun and tasty!

Crunchy Chocolate Bar

Green tea chocolate lovers rejoice!  The rich, sweet, and slightly bitter chocolate surrounds contains a ton of crunchy rice puffs inside!

Neoguri Spicy Ramen

Red hot vegetable and seafood ramen with wide, twisted noodles, and a spicy kick!  Add some onions and a fried egg for extra flavour!

Banana Kick Rice Puffs

These curly crisps look exactly like Cheetos Cheese Puffs, but have a distinct and delicious banana flavour!  You won’t be able to stop at just one!

Honey Flavour Twists

Made from fresh flour and Acasia honey, these sweet and fun twisted strips resemble crinkle-cut french fries, and have a great honey taste!

Zelda Billfold Wallet

This month’s special geek gamer bonus item is a “Legend of Zelda, Majora’s Mask” billfold wallet!  Only deluxe box subscribers will receive it!

EsianMall Snack Box Reivew – Final Thoughts

I’m definitely impressed by the amount of items included in this box.  I’m a little disappointed it’s not more of a gamers theme.  I do like the variety of items as well as the duplicates of some items.  It’s well thought out and provides a great selection of asian treats both savoury and sweet.

Question: What do you think of EsianMall Snack Box?





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