Eternally in Amber Review March 2017

Eternally In Amber is the first hair accessories bi-monthly surprise box. Bows and hair ties are great, but what about the essentials? Every other month, you will discover artisan-crafted hair accessories, limited edition travel size hair combs, and inspiring ways to have more fun with your hair for all ages. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I love the idea of receiving hair accessories every month!  Growing up we use to have a basket under the bathroom counter that we called “The Bow Basket”… it was the 80’s, what can I say.  In this basket we would keep tons of hair accessories and had something to go with pretty much every outfit!

Each two months receive a few items to dress up your locks!  Every two months receive 3-4 accessories hand-picked for you.

Tortoise Shell Embellished Headband

Shine oh so bright this spring with this much needed essential.  It has just the right amount of bling to take your hair from drab to fab in seconds!

Much needed essential is right!  I can’t tell you how often I wish I just had a simple headband to push my hair back.  I also love putting my hair into a beehive and always seem to want something small to set it off.  This will be perfect!

Limited Edition Clip Set

You get to try it out first!  Use this gorgeous duo to add a pop of colour as you tie fly aways down or to pull back hair off your face.

Love these!  They are so cute!  I love that they are feminine, but not overly so.  I’m not big on super flowery items, but I love a good touch of pink and cute every now and again.

Fuschia Mosaic Bow Barette

Use this beauty to add a touch of elegance and pretty pop of colour.  Great to pull back hair or add to a sleek ponytail.

I will definitely use this on a ponytail!  I’ve just started to play around with a small barrette at the top of my ponytail and I have to admit, I kinda love it!

Refreshing Hair Mist Sample

Sometimes your hair needs a little refreshing.  Use this sample of one of the new products from the Eternally in Amber Hair Styling Product line to revive old dry hair with moisture, add a hint of shine, and a subtle elegant scent to your luscious locks

What a great idea!  I love little bonus items like this.  My hair is also always so dry and it breaks constantly!  I can’t wait to try out this little guy and see what sort of a difference it makes.

Eternally in Amber March 2017 – Final Thoughts

This box is such a great idea!  I feel like moms of small girls would really benefit from a box like this!  I remember losing hair items all the time growing up and we were always in need of more.  I loved all the items provided and found them to be just cute enough, but not so overly girly that I wouldn’t wear them.  I really like the headband and will probably beehive my hair tomorrow just to try it out!  This box is a great value and such a cute gift to yourself and your overall wardrobe!





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