Extraordinary Man Box Review Winter 2021

From the editors of BCLiving, Extraordinary Man Box is a seasonal subscription box filled with on-trend products & accessories that redefine extraordinary style. Combining their experience and knowledge of the hottest trends, they have put together an uncompromising package that arrives in your mailbox each season. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Today we are having a look at the Winter Extraordinary Man Box, one of the only boxes that my husband gets to partake in. As with their sister box, Simply Beautiful Box, I love the brands they work with and the overall vibe of the box. It’s a pleasure to receive.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for an Extraordinary Man Box subscription you can choose to pay every month or every 3 months. You will receive a new box each season and every box will include:

  • Extraordinary attire – From socks to lapel pins, they are selected to make a statement
  • Extraordinary personal care – Part of what elevates you is the care you give to not only your clothes but to yourself. Using only high-quality ingredients, these products will keep you feeling fresh.
  • Extraordinary decor and accessories – Whether they are for your home or you, these will add that subtle bit of class that you know that’s what it’s all about.

Here’s a closer look at what we received in the Winter Extraordinary Man Box……

Bl’eau – Revitalizing Algae Clay Mask

We hear a lot about self-care these days. Ever sat back and tried a mask? It actually helps brighten your mug and detoxify your skin. Fueled by natural elements pulled from Canadian glaciers, this option by British Columbia’s Bl’eau even removes dead skin cells.

Oh my….this mask smells SO good. I’m not sure what the scent is, but it’s wonderful! I’m also not sure if I will be able to get my husband to actually use a mask but receiving this item prompted me to have a peek at the Bl’eau Instagram page and as a result I discovered some lovely products. And…..I can always use the mask myself.

Extraordinary Man – Stitched Notebook

We all know how many to-dos are on the list over the holiday season, so this simple but sophisticated stitched notebook is a great way to keep organized. With 50 ruled pages, you’ll have plenty of room to jot down lists, tasks and anything else you need to remember.

Another item I will keep for myself……I love new notebooks! And I love that this one is simple and features basic colors. It’s right up my alley.

Jubel Naturals – Sleep Tight Mist

Vancouver’s Jubel Naturals excels at harnessing the power of nature to help you feel better. They deliver affordable, high-performance natural products using carefully selected ingredients that are known for their quality and health benefits. Their Sleep Tight Mist is a great example. It’s crafted with a soothing blend of ylang slang, lavender, vanilla, jasmine and clary sage to restore a sense of peace while reducing anxiety and stress.

Jubel Naturals is a brand I am coming to love, thanks to my Extraordinary Man and Simply Beautiful Boxes. This time around we received their Sleep Mist which is something both my husband and I can use. You can mist on linens, in your room and on your body.

Wolf Clothing Co. – Arctic Sock

The socks of Vancouver’s Wolf Clothing Co. are now staples in our wardrobes. Stylish, high quality and above all, truly comfortable, they offer a locally designed addition to your outfits that impresses with a bright infusion of color. This Winter’s pick is the Arctic.

This is actually an item I gift to my Father-in-Law. He LOVES new socks and has had nothing but great things to say about all of the other Wolf Clothing socks I have gifted him. He shows them off to his friends every chance he gets.

I Luv It Natural Deodorant – Natural Trailblazer

We introduced subscribers to Vancouver’s I Luv It Natural Deodorant in 2020, and with a sensitive skin formula now available, we decided it was time to return to a proven favorite. Boasting just six ingredients, this pick is an effective paste that provides a healthier way to stay feeling your best.

We have received this deodorant before and I absolutely LOVED it!!! It’s one of the few natural deodorants that actually work for me. I can’t necessarily speak to the men’s scents, but I really like the “Natural Sweetheart” which is a vanilla scent. Highly recommend!

Well Told Health Botanicals – Sleep

Toronto’s Well Told Health Botanicals prides itself on creating high-quality, plant-based products at fair prices. Their Sleep offering is “the stuff dreams are made of”. Boasting a combination of organic lemon balm and goji berries in a vegan capsule, it promotes a state of calm and can be used as a non-habit forming sleep aid for those who experience restlessness or insomnia due to mental stress.

Something else both my husband and I can use, and something I am happy to now have in the cupboard. We are both pretty good sleepers but every now and then we need a little help.

Extraordinary Man Box Review Winter 2021 – Final Thoughts

Another great Extraordinary Man Box in the books! The Winter collection features some great brands as per usual and some products my Husband and I will definitely get use out of. I typically prefer the boxes that include more lifestyle items but overall they delivered a nice selection of products and great value. Oh, and bonus points for featuring the I Luv It Natural Deodorant for a second time because I just absolutely LUV it!

-AYOB Sarah

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