Five Four Club Review March 2017

Five Four Club is an exclusive men’s membership service that provides monthly curated packages of Five Four brand apparel catering to each member’s personal style preference. A Year of Boxes pays for this subscription.

It has been a few months since my last Five Four Club review, so I figured it was time to get my butt in gear and do another one. I have been a huge fan of Five Four Club from the very beginning. I reviewed them for the first time a couple years back and was very impressed with the style and quality of the clothes. I actually ended up gifting most of the pieces to Ashley’s husband who I have referred to in the past as “J” and he still wears the jeans and a couple of the tops on a regular basis.

Back in the Fall I decided to order another box for the BF because they had a “double the value” deal going on that I couldn’t pass up. In that particular package we received an awesome plaid button-up that the BF wears ALL the time. I guess what I am saying is the AYOB men always end up loving their Five Four deliveries.

Here’s a look at what we received in the March packaged:

Five Four Sweater

This is the kind of sweater you either love or you hate. I think it’s due to the elastic-type bottom. I feel the same when it comes to women’s sweaters, I would much rather see a straight fit at the bottom. It makes it easier to layer, and gives it a more casual look. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great sweater, we were just looking for something a little more casual – hoodies, sweatshirts, or camo jackets.

Five Four Button Up

Even though this is a really great top, and perfect for the Winter to Spring transition, I think we would have liked to see a plaid button-up or a more casual style. Maybe a solid black, or a short sleeve. Regardless, I like he zipper detail on the sleeve.

Five Four Club Review March 2017 – Final Thoughts

This definitely isn’t our Favourite Five Four Club delivery, but that’s not to say the styles are bad. I think some subscribers would love these tops. They are perfect transition pieces, the colours are neutral, and both could be dressed up or dressed down. We ordered this particular package for J and I think he was hoping for something a little more casual – hoodies, plaid tops, t-shirts or jeans (he LOVES Five Four jeans). I think it would be a little bit better if us Canadians didn’t have to worry about the exchange rate or shipping costs, because $60 flat for items we aren’t absolutely loving would be a little easier to handle. But for the price it costs to get these items to Canada we definitely want to love them. Overall we still love Five Four Club, we’ve had great experiences in the past, and expect to have more in the future.





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