Food Trip To Review October 2016

Food Trip To Review October 2016

Wow, it has been a really great couple of months for Canadian subscription boxes. I have another new one to introduce you to. We have been spoiled lately and I have a feeling it’s just going to keep getting better and better. Today we are looking at Food Trip To. Every two months they deliver to their clients a new country in a box.

Food Trip To Details

If you aren’t familiar with Food Trip To it is a bimonthly subscription box that allows you to experience food from around the world. Every month, the Food Trip To… team will introduce you to a surprise destination thanks to a box filled with tantalizing treats, delivered right to your home or office.


The Box: Food Trip To

Cost: $37.90 every two months

What You Get: Every box will include delicious recipes to try using traditional products from each country. A fun cultural experience that includes a travel journal, exclusive video, authentic musical playlist, and a surprise brought back from their journey.

Ships to: Canada & US

Shipping Cost: Free delivery is available within Quebec, and additional fees apply for deliveries in other regions of Canada as well as the U.S.

October Theme

This month we are traveling to Japan, and on the menu we have – Myojo San (cocktail), Hosomaki Mori Awase (appetizer), Okonomiyaki (main dish), Sufure Chizu Keki (dessert).


Dried bonito flakes. Bonito is a type of fish belonging to the tuna family. Open the bag and breathe in the ocean smell. 

Shichimi Togarashi

A mix of 7 Japanese spices. Used in the main dish and the appetizer. 


6 pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks and a bonus surprise item. Looks like cookies:)


The Matcha from the Sakao family’s plantation in the central Japanese prefecture of Shizuoka. 

Kirboshi Daikon

The famous Japanese white radish……but yellow. 

Wasabi Pinatsu

I think these are wasabi peanuts….maybe? I tried to google the word Pinatsu but nothing came up.


Bamboo Accessories

A sushi maki sudare and rice spoon, which will come in very handy for making the maki, and an infuser for traditional tea ceremony. Infuse your tea while preserving the aroma. 

Food Trip To Review October 2016 – Final Thoughts

I am very intrigued by this box. While I wasn’t totally wowed by this month’s items in particular, I am really loving the idea behind it. Let’s break it down for a second…..each box comes with recipes, ingredients, and cooking utensils from another country. That is an AWESOME idea. You all know how much I love cooking, and how much I love receiving kitchen goods, I just think that the Japan box is a little out of my comfort zone. While the recipes are awesome and all, I find them just a tad intimidating, for me personally. I would love to see them planned out differently. The ingredient lists are all scrunched together and that might be adding to the intimidation factor. I am REALLY excited to see what the December box is all about.





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