Frank And Oak Style Plan Review January 2020

Frank And Oak Style Plan is an easy service from Frank And Oak that sorts you out with great style on a regular basis (without the fuss), at a low cost. When you subscribe to Frank And Oak Style Plan, their Stylists pick out the latest seasonal pieces based on your personal preferences and send them straight to your door every month. You can try on the items from the comfort of your own home, and pay for only those you decide to keep. Save up to 20% on every order with free shipping and returns. You can skip a month or cancel anytime. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Fashion subscription boxes are a really great way to keep your wardrobe up to date, especially if you don’t like going to the mall, or simply don’t have time. Both of which apply to me. I’m not a fan of shopping and when baby arrives I doubt I will have time to spend hours at the mall trying on clothes. This is why I love my Frank And Oak Style Plan box. Each month a stylist curates my box, I can swap out pieces I don’t like, it gets delivered right to my door, and I get to try on clothes from the comfort of my own home. It’s the perfect way to shop for us new moms.

How It Works

From the Frank And Oak Style Plan website……

  1. Tell Us About Yourself: Answer a few questions (style, sizes) and we’ll fine tune our recommendations.
  2. Preview Your Monthly Box: Confirm, customize or skip your monthly order.
  3. Easy Home Try-On: Take 7 days to decide what you keep. Send back the rest for free.

Good to Know: No monthly fee. Skip a month anytime (it’s free!). Each monthly box is subject to a $25 styling fee if you return the entire box.

Here’s a peek at my January Frank And Oak Style Plan box…..

Machine Washable Merino Sweater Dress in Oatmeal

Machine washable merino. Loose fit. Small mock neck. Ribbed collar. Above the knee length. Created with eco-friendly methods. Our merino wool is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which means it contains no known harmful chemicals in the dyed fabric.

I have a similar Frank And Oak dress is grey and absolutely love it. So when I saw that they had come out with this style in different colors I figured I should add other one to my closet. I love it because of it’s versatility and simplicity. It’s easy to throw on, very comfortable and machine washable. It looks super cute with runners and a denim jacket but you could also dress it up with tights and a pair of black Chelsea Boots.

Blazer Dress in Black

I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from the Frank And Oak website as of late and that’s mainly the reason I decided to get this blazer dress. I saw the image below when I was browsing the website and loved the look of the dress worn as a blazer. It goes perfectly with the sweater dress I got this month and it will also go with the grey sweater dress I currently have in my closet. Pair them (blazer and dress) with a pair of Dr. Martens and you are good to go!

Frank And Oak Style Plan Review January 2020 – Final Thoughts

When I found out I was pregnant I was a little worried that I might have to put my Frank And Oak Style Plan deliveries on hold, but that wasn’t the case at all. I’m happy to report that throughout my pregnancy I have been able to find bump friendly pieces for each trimester. Take this month’s outfit for example. I tried on the dress last night (bump and all) and it fits perfectly. I ordered size small which is the size I would have worn pre-bump so it really is the perfect piece as I will be able to wear it now and later. The blazer dress also works but in a slightly different way. I can wear it now as a blazer (buttons open) and I will be able to wear it later as a dress (buttons done up). But…..with that being said, I am pretty darn excited to get back in to regular outfits once baby arrives. The countdown is on.

-AYOB Sarah

Frank And Oak Style Plan

Style Plan is a new and easy service from Frank And Oak that sorts men & women out with great style on a regular basis, at a low cost.

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