Fruit for Thought Review February 2017

Every other month you will receive a beautifully presented gift with a different fruit or vegetable theme. Included will be 5-7 items with an assortment of scents, flavours and colours relating to that theme, which may include home accessories, jewelry, luxurious bath and body products, artisan products, stationery, yummy goodies and much more.

Choose from a full size monthly gift subscription where each month you will get 6-8 specially curated items with that months theme.  $39.99 or a Mini Monthly Gift Subscription where you get 4-5 items with the same theme and presentation as the monthly large.  $26.99

I was very intrigued by a fruit themed box and feel there is a lot of room for creativity with items here!  February’s theme is Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Champagne.  Let’s see what’s in the box.

Gourmet handmade champagne flavoured marshmallows

I have never heard of gourmet marshmallows before.  This will be a new experience for me!  I’m not entirely sure how to enjoy them, but cold s’mores come to mind!  Maybe I can still squeeze them between cookies and chocolate, just without the fire pit.  Either way they look delicious.

Sweet Strawberry champagne bubble bath

I have been meaning to buy bubble bath for weeks and it just hasn’t happened!  I’m so thrilled this has been provided in this box!  I can’t wait to relax with these sweet smelling bubbles!

Chocolate covered strawberry donut bath bomb

This is the fanciest looking bath bomb I have ever seen!  This bath bomb was also made exclusively for this month’s box!

3 hot cocoa spoons

I’ve seen these at craft fairs and such, but I’ve never used one.  I do like the honey spoons you can get for teas, so this would be the equivalent for your hot cocoa.

Strawberries “Yum” card

On the Fruit for Thought website it does list that stationary is part of your box.  I didn’t realize this when first opening it and found the card a little out-of-place.  It does fit the theme of chocolate strawberries though.

I loved the wrapped gift inside the box!  Sometimes when you open up your subscription box and can see all the items at first glance it takes a bit of the fun and digging out of it.  Having something wrapped up prolonged the enjoyment of unboxing this box.

Wire wrapped pearl studs

These are so cute!  I love the simplicity and elegance to them!  This was for sure my favourite item in the box.

Fruit for Thought February 2017 – Final Thoughts

I found this box to be quite cute, but I wasn’t overly impressed with it.  The box itself was nothing special and a little bashed up from shipping.  This is to be expected, but it also seemed the items inside had a bit of bashing as well.  It seemed like the box was much too big for the items provided and a lot of stuffing and packaging was inside.  This made me feel I should have received more items than I did.  I love the idea of having a box themed around fruit and providing bath items along with a couple other treasures, but I found the theme lacking something to be desired.  I had a hard time fitting every item into the theme or understanding why certain items was included.  You can’t judge a whole subscription based on just one box though.  The March theme for Fruit for Thought is Apple Pie A’La’Mode and I would be very interested to see how that plays out!





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