GlobeIn Artisan Box Review July 2017 – Adventure

GlobeIn is a mission driven company empowering hard-working people in remote regions to connect to the global market. Their main product is the Artisan Box monthly subscription featuring exclusive, handcrafted products from global artisans. Each box is curated around a monthly theme by our editor to bring you exciting products that make you feel well-traveled and connected with distant cultures around the world.

I feel like the luckiest girl right now, because Sarah let me review both the GlobeIn boxes this month!  I feel so spoiled.  This box has quickly become one of my favourites!  It’s such a treasure and if you don’t already subscribe I highly recommend looking into it.  I have never been disappointed with a box.  Can’t wait to show you the “Adventure” box from July.

GlobeIn July – Adventure

Adventure is an impulse.  It is also a muscle.  It requires the ability to plan and the gumption to let go, the ability to carry and the surrender to toss.  It calls for just the right accessories – threadbare, essential, Bandana, socks, packpack, and a vessel from which to drink – These are the things that when you’re far out, when you’ve left it all behind, we think you’ll be happy to have.

And now they’re yours, so… what are you waiting for?  Go for it, you swashbuckler, you explorer you.

Ok, so I already thought I was pretty in love with GlobeIn, but that little intro there just spoke to my soul, my swashbuckler soul.

Enamel Travel Mug – India

Heat up some hot cocoa on a cool campout morning.  Pour yourself a glass of vino at the end of a day’s hike.  Whatever the drink, wherever the meadow, your new mug is your essential adventure accomplice.

Suggested Use: Loop onto a backpack strap to save room.  Feel free to heat beverages over a stove or open flame, but avoid the microwave.

I don’t think I’ll be taking any microwaves on my adventures, so we’re all good there.  I am not kidding you when I say I high-pitched dog-squealed when I pulled this out of the box!  I have been looking for 100% this mug!  I have been doing a lot of adventuring this summer and there are already more adventures planned.  I have to say my favourite part of getting away will always be the morning coffee and it’s very important what you drink this coffee out of. . . I can almost hear you all nodding your heads along with me.  This mug is GORGEOUS and 100% what I would have bought had I found it first.

Block Print Bandana – India

Nothing says adventure like a good bandana.  Lightweight and stuff-able, it is also the ultimate in multipurpose functionality.  For a piece that’s bound to become your special lucky charm in one way or another, why not let it be one-of-a-kind?

So pretty!  I have never really gotten the knack of tying a bandana around my head and have it look good, but I do like to have one around my wrist to wipe sweat off my face… too much info?  Either way, the pattern on this is perfect and I can’t wait to bring it along on my up and coming adventures!

Organic Cotton Socks – Peru and USA

If it were last year, the organic cotton of your new socks would have come from farmed co-ops in Nicaragua, but sadly, these farmers lost their cotton crop this year due to unpredictable weather patterns.  As a company that believes in real fair trade involves feeling these ups and downs with their farmers.  While problem solving is underway in Nicaragua, your socks have meanwhile been made with organic cotton from Peru, where farmers are also experiencing climate-related downturns.  

Suggested Use: Going trekking?  Keeping your feet aerated and dry is the key to avoiding blisters, so throw a sock change in your pack.

There is nothing like a fresh pair of socks while camping!  It can make you feel like a new person.  These are so darn cute and perfect for camping.

Drawstring Backpack – Kenya

When Norma Matunda left her hometown of Maungu to go study tailoring, it was just a tiny village and she the poor daughter of farmers.  By the time she returned, Maungu was a small town, and Nora, an eager entrepreneur.  At first, she went door-t0-door taking orders, but soon customers were flocking to her.  So, when Wildlife Works opened their eco-factory, Nora was an obvious hire.

Suggested Use: Run, jump over something, climb a fence – all without having to worry that your phone or wallet will fall out of your pocket.

I really love the patterns that come out of West Africa!  I have never really thought to use a simple backpack like this for hiking to store just the necessities in, but I tell you what, I’m going to start!

GlobeIn Artisan Box July 2017: Adventure – Final Thoughts

Another amazing box from GlobeIn.  The mug alone would have made this box worth it.  Seeing the photos of the communities of where all these items come from is really inspiring.  This box is just so personal.  I love knowing exactly where my items come from and the artisan behind them.  It makes it more than just a subscription box or fun items to receive,  it feels like communities connecting.  I just love it.


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