GlobeIn Artisan Box Review June 2021: The Eternal Box

GlobeIn Artisan Box is a monthly subscription box featuring handmade, ethically sourced products from makers around the world. Each month subscribers can choose from a selection of boxes curated around a theme. June’s boxes are all about connecting to nature by gardening and my Eternal Box contains items to help you preserve your favourite flowers and plants.

Each GlobeIn Box is valued around $70 USD (sometimes more) and usually includes four to five items. Subscribers can also choose additional products to customize their box.

Subscription prices are as follows (all prices in USD):

  • 3-month subscription — $40/month ($120)
    6-month subscription — $37/month ($222)
    12-month subscription –$35/month ($420)

Shipping in the US is $10/month (your first box ships free); shipping to Canada $22/month (your first box ships free); and international shipping is $25/month.

Each GlobeIn box includes a welcome card with a picture of the contents on one side and a QR code for the online brochure on the other. The brochure sets the tone for the box with an introductory message suggesting uses for the products, followed by descriptions of the contents and the makers behind them.

Handblown Glass Bowl (Rose Garden), Mexico

This bowl is meant to remind you of a garden on a warm summer evening. The colours are so gorgeous! I’ve got it sitting on display on our kitchen island and I love how it catches the light from the skylight above. My favourite item in the box.

Dried Rose Petals, Morocco

I’ve come around to dried flowers since they’ve regained popularity and have a tiny bouquet that I really like from another subscription box but I haven’t decided whether I’ll keep these or gift them to a friend. I prefer an arrangement over the loose petals.

Mini Botanical Plant Press, India

I received a plant press in a different subscription box last year and we ended up gifting it to friends who would get more use out of it than us but this one we’ve already tried a few times. Shortly after it arrived my daughter had some flowers from her birthday that she wanted to preserve and the press worked like a charm, even after just a few days. (As it turns out it’s best to keep them in the press for a few weeks to make sure they’ve properly dried.)

Double Glass Brass Frame & Hexagonal Hanging Frame, India

The birthday flowers went in the larger frame so we’ve got the other one for another project. I don’t love the shape of the small one and really can’t see myself hanging it anywhere but if the kids want it in their room that’s fine with me. My daughter has the larger one on her desk.

GlobeIn’s Eternal Box is an interesting take on the gardening theme and I think it’s thoughtfully curated, if not exactly to my taste. All of the items arrived carefully packed in scads of shredded paper that we would have happily reused if we needed to ship something over the next while but ended up going in the recycling. (Which is fine with me, better than than more bubble wrap for the landfill.) I do love the little bowl and I’m sure we’ll get more use out of the plant press but as a whole this one was a little underwhelming for me. I’m curious to see which boxes other subscribers received for June. Maybe others in the gardening theme would have been a better fit?

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