GlobeIn Artisan Box Review November 2019

GlobeIn Artisan Box is a monthly subscription box featuring handmade, ethically sourced products from makers around the world. November’s box is curated for cozy moments with products meant to warm your body and your heart. It’s a good one!

GlobeIn has a single subscription option, the Premium Box at $40 per month (all prices in USD). Each one is approximately $70 in value and includes four to five handmade items by artists from around the world. Subscribers can also choose additional products to customize their box.

Shipping in the US is $10/month; shipping to Canada $22/month (your first box ships free); and international shipping is $25/month.

Each GlobeIn Artisan Box comes with a full-colour guide to contents. It tells you where the products were made, who made them, how to use them, and what impact your purchase has on the lives of the makers.

Oaxacan Wooden Milk Frother, Mexico ($12)

“Place frother in hot cocoa or milk. Hold the handle between the palms of your hands, extend your fingers out, and twirl the frother back and forth inside your drink to froth.”

I thought this was a honey dripper but a frother is even better. I’m glad it’s wood (rather than plastic) and I love the design. But does it work? The jury’s still out. I tried it in hot milk and got a few bubbles, but nothing I’d call a froth. Maybe full-fat milk or creamy hot choco is the ticket. Do you use something similar?

Royal Mug – Lavender Bows and Arrows, Morocco ($22)

What a gorgeous mug! I love the pattern and the gold accents. It’s not microwave-safe but you can put it in the dishwasher (handwashing is recommended). We don’t have a lot of dishes that need to be washed by hand so the odd one doesn’t both me. And there’s a matching tray in the guide to the contents that’s also lovely. Maybe we’ll see it in December’s box?

Hot Cocoa Mix – Organic Spicy, Paraguay ($8)

“Our fair trade spicy hot cocoa is crafted using organic cocoa (cocoa beans) grown by the farmers of CONACADO co-operative in the Dominican Republic and organic sugar from small-scale farmers in Paraguay.”

I don’t like spicy hot chocolate so I’ll be gifting this one, but even if it wasn’t spicy I probably wouldn’t have much of it anyway since hot choco mix tends to be loaded with sugar and I’d rather get my calories from a chocolate bar than a drink. But I’m sure it’ll find a good home.

Sloth Pillow, Kenya ($25)

This pillow was one of three different animals shipped in November’s box but I think we got the best one. Any guesses to the others? I’ll give you a hint: one of them is very on-trend. If you said a llama, you’re right. A llama and a hedgehog. I love the illustration style and the black ink against the natural canvas. My tween’s already claimed it.

GlobeIn Artisan Box Review November 2019

November’s GlobeIn Artisan Box Warmth Box is valued at $69 USD. I think that’s a fair price for what you get (I could see the pillow priced much higher in an upmarket boutique) but for Canadian and international subscribers, the shipping really stings. Would it sting less if part of the shipping cost was built in to the purchase price? For me it would. What about you? Is the shipping a deterrent at all? What do you think of the GlobeIn Artisan Box?

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