GLOSSYBOX Advent Calendar Review 2021

The 2021 GLOSSYBOX Advent Calendar is their most extravagant Advent Calendar ever! Packed with fantastic makeup, skincare and haircare, including wonderful brands like Glow Recipe, Viktor&Rolf and Medik8, the beautiful marble box is the most exciting way to countdown to the festive season. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Do you get yourself an advent calendar each year? I certainly do. It’s my one little gift to myself, and something I look forward to every year. The GLOSSYBOX Advent calendar is currently one of my faves because, well……just look at how beautiful it is! I always feel the need to put it on display.

Advent Calendar Details

The 2021 GLOSSYBOX Advent Calendar is now sold out, but here are the details so you can keep it in mind for next year….

  • subscriber price – $89
  • non-subscriber price – $99

The Advent Calendar contains 27 individual products, including 16 full-size products and featuring a range of skincare, makeup and haircare, in total worth over $550!

I’m not going to go through every day individually, instead I’m just going to give you a quick little overview.

The GLOSSYBOX Advent Calendar has 4 drawers that pull out. Each drawer holds numbered boxes which you then open depending on the day.

Keep in mind that some of the boxes are hiding under other boxes. I made this mistake last year and thought my calendar was missing a few days.

The GLOSSYBOX Advent Calendar comes with a very informative product booklet which tells you about each item you have received.

Here’s a peek at some of the items we received. My all-time favorite is the Viktor&Rolf perfume. I was beyond excited to see it in the calendar this year!

GLOSSYBOX Advent Calendar Review 2021 – Final Thoughts

The GLOSSYBOX Advent Calendar is SO reasonably priced when you take in to consideration how many amazing product your receive. It’s such a fun way to count the days to Christmas, and makes the BEST gift to yourself. As a busy Mama who is already exhausted, and doesn’t have much time for herself, this is my guilty little pleasure each morning during the holidays. I make myself a cup of coffee, open one of the boxes from my advent calendar and try to incorporate the beauty product into my self-care routine for the day. It’s my yearly MUST-HAVE!

-AYOB Sarah

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