Golden Tote Review April 2017

Golden Tote is the Ultimate ‘Surprise Grab Bag’ filled with clothing and accessories for women. Think of it as a chance to explore a multitude of sample sales at your leisure. Working with carefully selected fashion brands and designing their own fashion favorites, they curate an eclectic assortment of treasures and package them all up in a custom TOTE bag for one AMAZING price. A Year of Boxes pays for this subscription.

I feel like my life is so much easier and less stressful now that I don’t have to make trips to the mall. Is that weird? It’s actually kind of funny because all through highschool and my 20’s, I use to live at the mall. I would go all the time, spend too much money, and end up bringing stuff home that I never should have purchased in the first place. Since discovering Golden Tote, I rarely go to the mall anymore…..and I have to tell you….I love it!! I have more time to do other things, I spend less money, and I don’t get caught up in the trends and sales and all the other “stuff” that comes along with spending too much time at the mall.

Any who…….the April tote reveal was pretty darn amazing. I saw all the spoilers prior to the launch of the tote, and I knew I had to order one this month. I was almost tempted to order two, but instead I ordered one and added on an additional item. Here’s a look at the beautiful pieces I received this month…..

Bohemian Dream Dress – Chosen Item

This dress is everything! As soon as I saw it I had to have it. This is my kind of dress. Loose and flowy and covered in a pretty floral print. It has a bit of a boho vibe going on and I find myself attracted to boho styles more and more these days. All I want to wear are flowy dresses and tunics, and cute little gladiator sandals……that will be my Summer uniform.

PS – The dress is actually prettier in person….if that is even possible.

Simplicity Shift Dress in Black – Chosen Item

For my next chosen item I played it safe with a simple black dress. This is actually a bit of a faded black, whereas I was expecting it to be more of a saturated tone. I don’t mind the color though. And the dress itself……it’s very flattering, and SUPER comfortable. I feel like this is a dress that every girl needs in her closet. You can wear it on its own when it is scorching hot out, you can add layers when it gets chilly, and you could add tights and boots in the fall.

Floral Fantasy Vest – Add-On

I wasn’t sold on this item right away, but once I saw how they styled it (with the black dress above and dressed down with boyfriend jeans and a white tee) I figured it would be a fun piece to add to my closet. I’m slowly starting to get into the long vest trend and the more I see other ladies wearing them, the more I like them.

Papermoon Floral Tank – Surprise Item

I LOVE that this tank goes nicely with the cardigan below, and also looks pretty on its own. Now that the weather is starting to warm up, I find myself reaching for tanks and lightweight cardigans more and more. My stylist did a really great job picking this item out.

Ginger G Jersey Cardigan – Surprise Item

I always request cardigans for my surprise items and Golden Tote always delivers. This one isn’t necessarily a style I would pick out on my own, I usually go for longer cardigans, but I feel like this will be cute with the tank above and a pair of skinny jeans. I have the odd day where I don’t want to hide behind oversized clothes, and this cardigan will be perfect for that.

Le Lis Ombre Swing Dress – Surprise Item

Oh my goodness! How pretty is this dress! I always hope for items like this when it comes to my surprise pieces. I love a casual dress that is easy to throw on, can be worn around the house, or out for dinner. This is a really versatile piece. And it will look super cute with a denim jacket and Converse! I love it!!

Golden Tote Review April 2017 – Final Thoughts

Wow…….my stylist nailed it again this month. I’ve had really good luck with my last few totes. I have loved almost every item they have sent me. I feel like April was a really good month for golden Tote. They had some really pretty items available for both the small and large totes. I had trouble narrowing it down to just three pieces (two chosen and one add-on). I easily could have picked out 4 or 5 more pieces from the April Collection….it was that good. I particularly loved the dress selection this month. I hope to see more floral dresses over the next few months as well as some pretty maxis. Did I mention that some of my favourite maxi dresses have come from Golden Tote? If you love fashion as much as I do, but don’t like spending time at the mall, this subscription is a MUST!! I have never been disappointed with any of my golden Totes. I’m already looking forward to seeing the May selection. Hopefully there’s not too many things I end up loving, it was way to hard to resist purchasing two totes this month…..I don’t know if I would be able to resist the urge again next month……

What do you think of Golden Tote?





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5 comments on “Golden Tote Review April 2017

  1. Sarah Becker says:

    always LOVE your reviews!

  2. Yvette Harris says:

    You got great items in your tote! I love your reviews.

  3. Virginia Farmer says:

    Lovely clothes. Do you ever model the items so we can see the length of the tops and dresses or how low cut they might be? Also, do you ever show the prices of the items?

    1. Hi:) I have tried on the items in the past but it totally depends on how busy my day is. Sometimes I have to do 5 reviews a day and don’t have time to do outfit photos. I don’t usually show prices on my reviews unless the subscription box has provided them on the product card. Let me know if you have any other questions, I would be happy yo answer them:)

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