Golden Tote Review October 2016

Golden Tote Review October 2016

Did you see my September Golden Tote review? If not, you need to check it out. My September Tote was probably the best tote I have ever received. I was so happy with it. I don’t know how many totes I have ordered in total, but it has to be at least 12….if not more. They had some really amazing pieces to choose from in September, especially the cute little Fall dresses.

Golden Tote Details

If you aren’t familiar with Golden Tote here is a quick overview – Each month they release new items for you to purchase. You can choose to buy a $59 tote or a $149 tote. With each tote you get to choose a specified number of items and are surprised with the rest. I always opt for the $149 tote, get to choose 2 items on my own and am surprised with 3 more items.

The Box: Golden Tote

Cost: $59 or $149

  • $59 bag – choose one item and you are surprised with 1 more item
  • $149 bag – choose 2 items and you are surpassed with 3 more items

Ships to: Worldwide

Shipping Costs: US $9.95 & International is $25 – FREE US shipping on orders of $149 or more

Colourful Fringe Cardigan

This cardigan is EVERYTHING! I have already worn it at least 8 times, and I even wore it 2 days in a row when I first unboxed it because I love it THAT much. It fits very big, so keep that in mind. But I absolutely LOVE oversized cardigans. This was a pleasant surprise. Much prettier in person. I get SO many compliments on it. PS – this was my first chosen item.

Chambray All Day Top

This is my second chosen item for October. I have to admit, I had trouble picking out my second item. I really wanted another dress but none of them appealed to me. So, I played it safe and went with the good ol’ denim top. It only came in small, medium and large (no x-small) so it is a little big on me, but I’m totally ok with that. I wore it the other day with black tights, and brown riding boots.

Fun 2 Fun Floral Print Blouse

This is my first surprise item, and it is super cute. I don’t think I would ever pick this out on my own, it’s a little out of my comfort zone, but I still plan on wearing it. I might dress it down with distressed jeans and over-the-knee boots.

img_4600 img_4598
Le Lis Striped Duster With Elbow Patches

This is my second item, and it proves that they read our style comments. I let them know that I love cardigans, and I have received one in both totes. This one has long slits up the side, and the cutest little elbow patches. Why is it that elbow patches make tops that much cuter?

Skies Are Blue Ruffle Sleeve Dress

How fun is this dress! I also mentioned in my style notes that I love loose-fitting dresses, and once again I have received one in both totes. The ruffle sleeves make this one a little more dressy. I can see myself wearing this to a holiday party, or even New Years.

Golden Tote Review October 2016 – Final Thoughts

I might not love this month’s tote as much as last month’s tote, but it’s still pretty amazing. I don’t think they will ever top last month’s tote. The dresses they had in their shop for September were the cutest dresses they have ever had on their site. This month my favourite pieces is definitely the cardigan. I am OBSESSED. I wore it again today and received more compliments on it. I am a HUGE, HUGE, fan of Golden Tote. Time to go order my November Tote…..I’m already excited!





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