Hamptons Lane Review & Coupon Code January 2016

My Hamptons Lane box couldn’t come soon enough this month. As soon as I saw spoilers for the Power Bowl box, I almost peed my pants….seriously. Power Bowls are the kind of meals I get excited about, but little old Kelowna doesn’t really have any good lunch places that make meals like this. So….I’ve always want to make my own but haven’t taken the time to find recipes. Now I not only have the recipes I’ve been meaning to add to my cook book, but I also have the cutest little stainless steel bowl to make them in……these are the things that make me happy, is that sad, or is it awesome? I’m going with…..AWESOME!

If you aren’t familiar with Hamptons Lane it is an amazing box of artisan foods, kitchen tools, and serveware for the recipe lover. Each month they release new boxes for you to choose from and you can skip a month anytime. This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

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The Box: Hamptons Lane

The Cost: $47 per month

What You Get: Each month, Hamptons Lane curates an amazing box of artisan foods, kitchen tools, and serveware for the food lover. New boxes are released each month.

Ships to: US

Shipping Cost: FREE

Coupon Code: Get $10 off your first box! Just use coupon code “BOXES10” – CLICK HERE

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The January 2016 Hamptons Lane “Power Bowls” box is meant to get you started on a healthy eating journey, and what better time to do that then January? The idea is to take 30 minutes every Sunday or Monday to prep and roast some veggies and meats so it’s a simple grab-and-go assembly for the rest of the week. They have provided 30 different Power Bowl recipes on their website and I really want to try them all. Would you guys get sick of seeing nothing but power bowl recipes for the next month? Hopefully not……

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Dia Del Perro Medium Lightly Smoked Pepper Sauce from Lucky Dog ($6.99) – This is a mild salsa-like sauce with just a hint of medium heat and it’s to be used as a dressing or a marinade. I love anything “salsa-like” and would put it on everything if I could….well maybe not ice cream.

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14cm Airtight Container from Onyx ($23.95) – This is the item I am most excited about. I’ve spent the last year trying to get rid of all my plastic containers (it’s a lot harder than it sounds) so this is a welcome addition to my “no plastic” cupboard. I like that it is the perfect size for an individual serving and that I can use it to shake up my salads. I absolutely hate mixing my salads by hand….another weird quirk. It’s probably because I always end up getting some of it on the counter. No more messy salad mixing for this girl.

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Silicone Portable Salad Dressing-To-Go Container from Evriholder ($7.69) – How fun is this little guy! Sometimes you don’t want to put your salad dressing on until its time to actually eat your salad, so this will come in handy for those who take their lunch to work. I’m lucky and get to work from home, but I’ll probably still find an excuse to use this.

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Minnesota Grown Wild Rice from Northbay Trading Co ($3.90) – I love rice but try to avoid plain old white rice if at all possible. I’ve always liked wild rice but didn’t know until just now that it is higher in protein than other white rices and grains. The things you learn from product cards.

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Organic Farro from Nuts.com ($2.50) – Today just keeps getting better and better. I’ve been meaning to try out some recipes with Farro, mostly because I’ve never cooked with it before, but my handy little Hamptons Lane product book also tells me that it is rich in fibre, protein, iron, magnesium and vitamin B, which are basically all the things a vegan lacks in their diet. This might have to become a new pantry staple.

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Chile Margarita Rub from Spiceologist ($4.22) – You all know that I love my spices…unless they contain mass amounts of garlic, then I’m not a fan. So obviously I’m excited about this item. You can use this on a variety of different things such as chicken, fish and shrimp, but I will probably opt for tofu, chickpeas and veggies.

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Thoughts: This is probably my favourite Hamptons Lane box to date, and I’ve really enjoyed all my other ones until now so that says a lot about this month’s box. I always have fun with my HL boxes because they give me an excuse to spend time in the kitchen, which just happens to be a stress reliever….not that I have too much stress in my life anymore….but you get the point. Anyways, I love everything about this month’s box, and love that they opted for something with a healthy spin right after the holidays. I can’t wait to start trying out some Power Bowl recipes and have already found at least 5 different versions I want to make. I also have to say how much I love the fact that they include extra recipes for each box on their website. I didn’t know they did this prior to today and I have to be honest….I might have got sidetracked for about an hour just looking through all the recipes. This is going to be bad for my work productivity….just saying.


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