Harrison Blake Apparel Review February 2017

Harrison Blake Apparel is a monthly subscription for the dapper gentleman. Each box contains a necktie and 4 additional accessories, each of which are exclusive only to Harrison Blake Apparel. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Harrison Blake Apparel has been doing a great job with their subscription box lately. A really great job. For only $25 you really can’t go wrong. Their packages are always very color coordinated, which depending on your taste, can be a good thing or a bad thing. I for one, have been loving the coordination, and the variety of products.

Harrison Blake Tie

This month’s tie is a unique pattern and classic color combo. They went with a grey/blue this month and I’m actually really liking it. Very Wintery.

Harrison Blake Toque

Now this is interesting. I wasn’t expecting to see a toque in the box, but I’m definitely not complaining. I love that they have been mixing it up and including different products every month. I hope they keep this up.

Pocket Square

I feel like this will be a good transitional piece for Winter to Spring. The white fabric and small pattern definitely give it a Spring feel. But when paired with the other grey/blue pieces it feels like Winter.

Tie Clip

Small, simple, and understated. But an essential part of any suit. For all the men out there, tie clips are a must!

Whiskey Stones

I think this is such a cool idea for men’s boxes. I have received these a few times over the years and never get sick of seeing them.

Harrison Blake Apparel Review February 2017 – Final Thoughts

Harrison Blake Apparel is a no-brainer for anyone looking to spice up their suit accessory game. The price point is reasonable, the pieces are quality, and they include some fun extras. I haven’t been disappointed yet. Keep in mind that the pieces are usually from their own apparel line so if you are looking to try other brands this probably isn’t the subscription for you. But, if you don’t mind receiving the same brand every month I would definitely recommend it. I’m looking forward to seeing some spring colours and accessories over the next few months.





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