Harrison Blake Apparel Review October 2016

Harrison Blake Apparel Review October 2016

Wow, it has been a long time since my last Harrison Blake Apparel review. I actually had to look back at the old review to refresh my memory. But as soon as I saw it, everything came rushing back. I remember that I really enjoyed this Men’s Subscription Box. I received the coolest lapel flower, probably the best one I have ever received, as well as a bracelet, a watch, a tie, and a tie clip. All of that for only $25 means that this box is priced very well!

Harrison Blake Apparel Details

If you aren’t familiar with Harrison Blake Apparel it is a monthly subscription for the dapper gentleman. Each box contains a necktie and 4 additional accessories, each of which are exclusive only to Harrison Blake Apparel.

The Box: Harrison Blake Apparel

Cost: $25

What You Get: Each box will contain 1 necktie and 4 additional accessories, such as pocket squares, lapel pins, tie bars and more… – each box will be completely coordinated and easy to style, making it simple to dress to impress.

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE

Subscription Details

Harrison Blake Apparel subscriptions are very straight forward. You either sign up, or you don’t. There’s not a bunch of different options to choose from, and as much as I like options, I think I like simplicity better. Here’s a look at our October items….

Knit Tie

The classic knit tie. Casual or Dressy? You decide. Perfect for looking stylish in jeans or a full suit. Harrison Blake’s new collection of knit ties is perfect for you. Casual in appaearance, yet cool and stylish at the same time, these new knit ties are the perfect piece for you to be able to show your dapper streetstyle.

I never use to like knit ties, but now I think I prefer them to regular ties. I like this one for the large stripes and the contrasting color combo. It’s bold and it makes a statement.

Microfiber Pocket Square

Reversible pocket squares are my favourite. And the patterns on this one are fun. Once side kind of has a brick pattern going on, and the other side is polka dots……I love polka dots.

harrison-blake-apparel-review-october-2016-8 harrison-blake-apparel-review-october-2016-9
Car Tie Clip

Well….it’s official….this is the coolest tie clip I have ever received. I took one look at it and knew the BF was going to love it. Cars are his thing, he was pretty excited about this tie clip.

H.B. Burgundy Striped Socks

I am really loving the grey/maroon color combo. Very good choice for a Fall box.

H.B. Travel/Shoe Bag

This is a great idea! Any sort of reusable tote makes me excited. They get bonus points for this one.

Harrison Blake Apparel Review October 2016 – Final Thoughts

This month’s Harrison Blake Apparel box has a total value of $84 and I am kind of loving it. The colors are perfect, the patterns are classic, the tie bar is AMAZING, and they included a travel bag. I am very impressed with the October box, so much so, that I just had to take a look on their website to see if I could find photos of past boxes. I wanted to see if all of them were this good. And guess what…….they were! They have put together some really great boxes over the last year. I really need to start reviewing this one on a regular basis.





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