Healing Gemstone Advent Calendar Review 2021

The Healing Gemstone Advent Calendar from Gogh Jewelry Design is filled with a selection of raw and tumbled stone crystals, beautiful jewelry and information cards – $475 value for only $195. They kindly sent us this calendar for review.

Today I get to share a beautiful advent calendar with you from Gogh Jewelry Design – the same company that does the Manifestation Box. I’m a little sad that I had to open it all at once, but I wanted to share it with you ASAP because you can actually get this beautiful little calendar for FREE if you sign up for an annual subscription to Manifestation Box. How great is that!

Advent Calendar Details

The Healing Gemstone Advent Calendar is 26 days of gemstone hearts, healing crystals, gemstone bracelets and necklaces – perfect for the manifestation babe, crystal lover and spiritual soul. Starting on December 1st, open a pouch each morning as part of your daily manifestation ritual. Take a few moments to learn about the gemstone tucked inside and incorporate it into your day. 

How adorable is the pouch that your gemstones are housed in? They say to use it every year for the same intention and I plan on doing just that. It is too beautiful not to be used each and every December. Maybe next year I will use it to make my own little personal advent calendar, or I will create an advent calendar for a friend. Either way I absolutely love it!

The calendar also comes with a gemstone information card. The card gives us details on each stone’s healing properties and will also guide us on how use the stones in our daily self-care practice for healing and reflection.

I find a lot of value in the information card as I still have a lot to learn about stones, crystals, etc….

What You Get: The Healing Gemstone Advent Calendar includes:

  • 5 Gemstone Hearts
  • 5 Gemstone Bracelets
  • 5 Gemstone Necklaces
  • 11 Gemstones & Crystals

I’m not going to go through every piece individually but rather give you a quick look at all the pieces together  just to give you an idea of what to expect.

This photos shows a couple of the hearts which I think are my favorite items in the calendar. Hearts are one of my “signs” and I look for them wherever. They bring me peace and remind me to love everyone and everything.

My 4 faves all in one photo. I will wear these bracelets a ton and I love the matching hearts.

A peek at the bracelets. We received 5 in total and they are sized to fit your wrist. I LOVE this feature for both the monthly subscription and the calendar because I often have trouble finding bracelets that fit my tiny wrists. A small detail but a detail that is very much appreciated.

In addition to the information card that shows all of the gemstones we also received these individual cards. I am keeping these with the cards I have received in my monthly boxes as they are a really great little learning tool.

Here’s a peek at most of the stones, we received 11 in total. I’m really excited to sit down, hold each one in my hand and learn about it via the information cards. My soul is craving some spiritual time so maybe I will make an effort to do this for a few minutes each morning before I start my day.

And lastly, the necklaces. We received 5 in total and my favorite is definitely the one with black onyx. Partly because I wear black all the time, and partly because it is a stone of inner strength and endurance. Something I am going to need for the busy month ahead.

Healing Gemstone Advent Calendar Review 2021 – Final Thoughts

I am absolutely, 100% in LOVE with this beautiful advent calendar from Gogh Jewelry Design. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves gemstones, uses them daily or even just wants to learn about them. I love that we received a mixture of stones, bracelets and necklaces, its such a wonderful mixture of pieces. I truly look forward to learning about each stone, wearing the jewelry and incorporating the pieces into my daily practice. Such a lovely and thoughtful gift for the holiday season!

-AYOB Sarah

Healing Gemstone Advent Calendar

The Healing Gemstone Advent Calendar is filled with a selection of raw and tumbled stone crystals, beautiful jewelry and information cards - $475 value for only $195

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