HelloFresh Canada Review July 2017

HelloFresh Canada delivers fresh ingredients and healthy, chef-curated recipes based on seasonal farm fresh ingredients straight to your doorstep each week. Every week HelloFresh members choose three meals from a selection of award-winning, constantly-changing recipes (say goodbye to recipe boredom!). They kindly sent us this box for review. 

I am obsessed with meal delivery boxes. They really have changed my life. I love everything about them. The price point, the money I save, the time I save, the new recipes I get to try, the new flavours I am introduced to, and the fact that there’s no food waste. They really are a no-brainer.

Today we are having a quick look at my second HelloFresh Canada delivery. I will be posting the recipes over the next week. Today I just want to show you what the box looks like when it arrives, and give you some details on your subscription options.

Subscription Details

HelloFresh Canada has recently expanding their shipping locations to include – Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Maritimes. This is awesome!! If you are thinking about giving this subscription a try, here are your options:

  • Choose Your Plan:
    • Pronto Plan ($11.67 per meal)
      • The Pronto Plan is quick, convenient, delicious and nutritious! Meals are simple to prepare, taking under 30 minutes to make, and full of exciting flavours to help break your mealtime routine.
      • 3 Recipes per week for 2 or 4 people
    • Family Plan ($10.83 per meal)
      • Our Family Plan features easy-to-follow recipes with fresh, healthy ingredients. It’s the best way to get the entire family (even picky eaters!) into the kitchen to cook and enjoy dinner together.
      • 3 Recipes per week for 4 people
    • Veggie Plan ($12.33 per meal)
      • Our Veggie Plan involves an abundance of seasonal produce, hearty grains, and vegetarian friendly proteins.
      • 3 Recipes per week for 2 people
  • Choose Your Delivery Day: Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Receive Your Weekly Delivery & Enjoy!

Note: Recipe selection is limited. The Pronto Plan and Family Plan only offer 4 recipe options per week and the Veggie Plan only provides 3 recipes which means with the Veggie Plan you do not get to choose your recipes.

Pesto Rosso Rigatoni with Broccoli, Yellow Bell Pepper and Fresh Mozzarella

Tonight’s dinner really epitomises everything we love about Italian food. Simple, high quality ingredients, quickly cooked with maximum results. Broccoli has a mild, distinctive flavour. With a small handful containing all the vitamin C you need for a whole day, you’ve got a plate full of traditional healthiness in the time it takes to boil your pasta!

This meal has a prep time of 30 minutes and a difficulty level of 1.

Baby Corn and Green Bean Curry with Toasted Cashews and Jasmine Rice

This delicious and beautifully fragrant dish is super easy and quick to prepare. We particularly love the baby corn. Fun fact: Baby corn is simply corn that been harvested while corn stalks are still young and immature!

This meal has a prep time of 30 minutes and a difficulty level of 1.

Squash, Kale and Marinated Cannellini Bean Salad with Apricot-Sherry Dressing

The key to balanced flavour in any recipe is the combination of acidic, salty and sweet. This recipe has all three and is therefore great. The End! No, but seriously, once you’ve tried this apricot-sherry vinegar dressing, you’ll be putting it on everything. Roasted onion, crunchy walnuts and buttery white beans add richness and texture, making every mouthful a delicious experience.

This meal has a prep time of 30 minutes and a difficulty level of 1.

HelloFresh Canada – Good to Know
  • They have a veggie option
  • They post the recipes on the website so if you lose one of the cards you still have access to it
  • You can “favourite” recipes and refer back to them via your HelloFresh account
  • The ingredients are packaged in boxes which make them easy to store in the fridge
  • You can skip a delivery anytime
  • Delivery is FREE
  • Their Pronto Plan & Veggie Plan offers pre-cut veggies
HelloFresh Canada Review July 2017

This will be my second time posting a review for HelloFresh Canada and I have to say, this month’s experience is everything I hoped it would be. I like the recipe selection this week and all the ingredients arrived fresh. I love that we have a salad, a curry and a pasta. I feel like that is a good assortment of meals for the week. I am also extremely happy to see that two of the three recipes are vegan. That is so exciting. With my other meal delivery services I can usually find one vegan option and then have to make adjustments to the other recipes in order to make them vegan-friendly. HelloFresh Canada is definitely worth trying if you are looking for a recipe delivery service. I find this subscription to be a little more organized than the other recipe boxes and with the veggies being pre-cut the meal prep time is fast and easy. Stay tuned as I will be posting all three recipes after I make them this week. I’m excited to give them a try.


HelloFresh Canada

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