HER-MINE Review November 2021

HER-MINE is a curation of beautiful and thoughtfully composed lifestyle products delivered monthly. They are cultivating and nurturing a sisterhood that cares about supporting women-owned businesses. Each limited-edition box features carefully selected items that deliver value and pursue a common purpose: to foster the growth of women-owned businesses through partnership while empowering people to shop female.

*They kindly sent us this box for review.*

HER-MINE is all about girl power and supporting women, and women-owned businesses. I have discovered some of my absolute favourite brands thanks to this amazing subscription box!

Subscription Details

HER-MINE has 2 box sizes to choose from:

  • Mini (3-5 Full and Deluxe Sample Size Products)
  • Deluxe (5-8 Full and Deluxe Sample Size Products)

You will discover new brands, new products, and recent launches. The items are thoughtfully curated and there’s always a monthly theme.

I love that each item is carefully wrapped like a special gift.

Here’s a closer look at the November 2021 HER-MINE box…

They sent this stunning “HER SISTERHOOD” sticker this month. I absolutely cannot say enough good things about this subscription and the amazing women behind it and represented brands in it.

November Theme: Thankful

The November HER-MINE “Thankful” Deluxe Box is filled with items to encourage gratitude and seasonal self-care.

I love this theme so much – it is so important to practice gratitude and foster a love for yourself.

Gratitude Mini-Card Deck – May You Know Joy Inc.

“The NEW May You Know Gratitude mini card deck is designed to inspire and help you cultivate your daily gratitude practice.”

Oh my goodness, these beautiful cards will be so great to use as journal prompts for my daily journaling.

Elegant Candle Warmer with Autumn Scented Soy Melts

“This is a candle warmer gift set that comes with four 100% soy wax melts that give any home that fresh and warm fall scent. Perfect for the bedroom, study, office, living room, bathroom, yoga, spa, conference room, baby room, etc. It can also be used as an aromatherapy diffuser.”

This elegant candle warmer is stunning! I love the gold metal with the cream ceramic details. The soy wax melts smell incredible and they excite me for the upcoming holiday season.

Bubbles + Honey Sugar Body Scrub – Ginger & Honey

“Their Bubbles + Honey Sugar Scrub is made to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize your skin all at once. Made with Organic Honey and Raw Cane Sugar this mixture will give your skin exactly what it needs. Don’t be surprised if your skin is literally GLOWING after using this sugar scrub.”

This sugar scrub has a nice refreshing smell. It left my skin so soft and gently exfoliated without being harsh. My skin feels well moisturized after use so there is no need to use lotion.

Hand Poured Spiced Cider Scented Soap – Ives and Bees

“This soap has cocoa butter and shea butter which are both super ingredients! Cocoa butter is high in fatty acids and is well-known for improving skin elasticity due to its ability to hydrate skin as it is a protective barrier over the skin to hold in moisture. Cocoa butter is also rich in antioxidants which may help protect cellular systems from skin damage. Shea butter is a natural moisturizer known to protect skin against sun damage. It also contains fatty acids that can stimulate collagen production, and enhance skin elasticity. It is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin K which means that it has skin healing properties and may help improve the appearance of scars. The cinnamon leaf, orange, and ginger essential oils combined make a delicious cider fragrance.”

I am a huge fan of hand-made soaps and this spices cider soap smells good enough to eat! This soap lathers nicely and leaves my skin clean, smooth and moisturized. I am a huge fan of Ives & Bees handmade products.

Self-Cleaning Pocket Lint Brush – De Novo

“Experience the ease of these compact self-cleaning lint brushes designed to replace your traditional sticky sheet lint roller. Compact and lightweight, the De Novo™ Pocket Lint Brush is easy to bring with you everywhere you go.”

If you have a pet this pocket lint brush is a must-have. I often leave my house with my dog’s fur all over me. This thing is amazing. Stop buying those tape rollers. If you get a lint brush like this you won’t need those sticky sheets.

HER-MINE Review November 2021 – Final Thoughts

HER-MINE did a fantastic job with their November “Thankful” box! I love every item that came in it and all of these items are lovely, high-quality and practical. I love the De Novo lint brush, the Ginger & Honey Sugar Scrub and the Autumn Stroll scent warmer, but I love all the items! This is the perfect subscription for any person who appreciates quality items and showing support for other women. Come join the sisterhood!

Hayley Savanna – https://www.instagram.com/hayleysavanna/

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