HIITit Review April 2017

HIITit is a subscription service for daily workouts. Every single day you will have a 12 minute workout right at your fingertips delivered to your inbox, so you will never have to wonder what workout to complete. HIIT workouts can be done ANYWHERE with NO equipment! They are fast, convenient, and motivating.

It has been 3 months since I started doing HIITit workouts and as promised I am checking in with my monthly update. First of all, I have to say that making it to the 3-month mark was unexpected. I really couldn’t get past the idea of not having a gym membership. You mean I can skip the drive to the gym and do all my workouts at home? Really?? It sounds too good to be true. Will I be motivated enough to get the workouts done? Will I stick to the plan? Will I see the same results as I did when I was going to the gym on a daily basis? The answer is YES!!

April Progress

I will be reviewing HIITit every month going forward and will be updating you on my progress. My plan is to be 100% honest with you, no matter the results. So here’s the update for April:

  • Weight
    • I’m still sitting at 116.5 and that is amazing!! I though for sure I would gain weight without my daily gym routine, but I haven’t!
    • I was 114.5 when I started the HIITit journey, I went up to 118.5 after the first month (muscle gain), but was able to get back down to 116.5 the following month and stayed at 116.5 during my 3rd month
  • Missing The Gym?
    • I thought I would miss my gym membership, but it’s the exact opposite. I LOVE not having a gym membership. I don’t feel tied down, I save time by doing my workouts at home, and I am saving money. Who woulda thought!
  • Motivation
    • I am just as motivated as I was when I first started the program. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s only 12 minutes, it’s really hard not to be motivated when I know it will all be over in only 12 minutes.
    • One thing I did notice though, I skip the odd workout when the BF is home from work and it’s hard to get started again after missing workouts. I find I do better when I am consistent and follow the program every day.
HIITit Review April 2017

Well, it’s been 3 months and I am still LOVING my HIITit workouts. I feel like I’ve hit my stride and found my groove. This last month was a bit of a test month for me. In my last review I talked about changing the plan slightly. I was going to reduce my HIITit workouts to 3-4 times per week, and add in a few extra outdoor cardio sessions. After testing this out I realized I didn’t like it. I need to be consistent with my workouts and follow the plan exactly. We receive a new workout everyday of the month except on the 5th, 10, 15th and 25th – those are rest days. I have kept up with my outdoor cardio though, only because I absolutely LOVE being outside and feel like my body type needs a little extra cardio here and there. Overall I am extremely happy and still can’t believe I have been able to maintain my weight and muscle tone with only 12 minutes a day……and NO equipment.

I’ll check in again next month and let you know how everything is going……



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