HIITit Review May 2018

HIITit is a subscription service for daily workouts. Every single day you will have a 12 minute workout right at your fingertips delivered to your inbox, so you will never have to wonder what workout to complete. HIIT workouts can be done ANYWHERE with NO equipment! They are fast, convenient, and motivating.

I discovered HIITit just over a year ago and it was definitely a game-changer for me. I had just moved in to a new house, was trying to find a new gym, wasn’t sure how/where I was going to fit in my workouts, and was adjusting to a new schedule that allowed for little time to exercise. Needless to say, HIITit arrived at the perfect time!

Subscription Details

What You Get: Every day you will have a 12 minute workout delivered right to your inbox. They will always show 2 different versions for every exercise performed, making it universal for all fitness types to complete and are available to answer any questions you may have! These workouts can be completed absolutely anywhere there is wifi, so you will always be able to fit your daily workout into your busy schedule. And the icing on the cake!? These workouts will leave you more energized, strong, and feeling amazing!!! Each workout is 12 minutes long, and is made up of 4 different exercises – 3 rounds of 4 exercises

Cost: $25 per month or $250 per year

What You Need: Access to WiFi, and a small workout space

Even though I discovered HIITit over a year ago, I definitely wasn’t consistent with my workouts. I followed the plan for a few months, took a few months off, got back into things on and off for another few months and now I am back to a regular schedule.

What did I learn over the last year? HIITit fits into my hectic/random schedule very well. My time away from the workouts proved this to me. I tried a different workout plan for a few months but it just wasn’t the same.

My life is a little all over the place thanks to owning my own business and having a fiancé who works out of town. My days are never the same which makes it hard to plan trips to the gym, let alone sign up for a class. I think this is why HIITit works so well for me. I can do it at home, no need to drive to the gym, and I can fit it in anytime during the day when I have 12 minutes to spare.

HIITit Review May 2018 – Final Thoughts

HIITit workouts are a must for me. They are perfect for anyone who has a hectic schedule. They are less expensive than a gym membership but provide the same results. I mix my workouts with outdoor activities 3-4 times a week and see the same results as when I had a gym membership. I like that I can take the workouts with me anywhere and that they are delivered to my inbox every morning. If you have a schedule like mine and are in need of a convenient workout plan I highly recommend HIITit. For only $25 per month and 12 minutes a day it’s a no-brainer if you ask me.



Ready to be in AMAZING shape!!!? Join in on daily 12 minute HIIT workouts you can do ANYWHERE with NO equipment!

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