Holly Journals Review November 2016

Holly Journals Review November 2016

I am OBSESSED with this subscription box. Yes, I am using the word obsessed, and you all know I hate to use that word. I received my first Holly Journals box last month and it was more than love at first sight. Can you more than love something? I didn’t really know what to expect with this subscription box, but let me tell you…..it was a pleasant surprise. It was one of my favourite boxes in October.

Holly Journals Details

If you aren’t familiar with Holly Journals it is a subscription box for Monthly themed- unique, handmade journals with other coordinating treasures to inspire and encourage your journaling adventures!


The Box: Holly Journals

Cost: $39.95 per month

What You Get: Every lovely box comes with a truly unique, limited edition, handmade journal, at least one pen and a list of journal prompts, an embellishment pack (containing stickers, tags, etc.), and a dangle with charms for a bit of bling. Plus a surprise bonus in every box! Every month brings a new theme and everything in the box has  a coordinating style and color.

Ships to: Worldwide

Shipping Cost: FREE to US & $25 International

Coupon Code: Use code “YB10” to get 10% off for life – CLICK HERE

holly-journals-review-november-2016-3 holly-journals-review-november-2016-15
November Theme

The theme for the November Holly Journals is Attitude is Gratitude. I wasn’t sure if they were going to be able to follow up the Fall/Owl theme from last month, but this is pretty darn close. There’s still a Fall vibe going on and that is exactly what I was hoping for.

holly-journals-review-november-2016-6 holly-journals-review-november-2016-7 holly-journals-review-november-2016-8
November Journal & Journal Charm

I freakin’ love these journals, and I freakin’ love the charms that go with them. I have owned my fair share of  journals and notebooks over the years, but these are BY FAR the cutest of them all. I love that they are full of different colors, textures, patterns and sizes. I wouldn’t change a thing!

November Writing Tools

I will apologize now for the overuse of the word love, because I LOVE that they include writing tools. It’s such a small detail, but it’s appreciated.

holly-journals-review-november-2016-10 holly-journals-review-november-2016-9
November Treats

And how freakin’ cute is it that they include a drink and a sweet treat for us to enjoy while we sit and journal. Talk about creating an experience.

AND……whatever this little home fragrance mixture is, I need 30 more of them ASAP. This is the best smelling thing I have ever come across in my 30-some years of being on this earth. I seriously need a lifetime supply.

November Journal Prompts

Here we have our journal prompts for the month, with questions like – 30 things I am thankful for, my favourite thing to do for others, and the best compliment I have ever been given.

November Embellishments

They always include cute little embellishments that match the journal and the theme.

holly-journals-review-november-2016-12 holly-journals-review-november-2016-14

November Extras

We received a couple little extras this month – a thank you card and a monthly view calendar.

Holly Journals Review November 2016 – Final Thoughts

I love absolutely everything about this subscription box. They nailed it this month with the theme, the colors, and the extra items. I wish you could smell the little bag of home fragrance. It is heaven. And how gorgeous is the journal, they do such an amazing job putting it together with all the little quotes, colors and textures. The entire box is so darn cute that I almost don’t want to use any of it. I want to put it all on a little display and just stare at it. I can only imagine how freakin’ cute the December journal is going to be…..and the January journal, and the February……..you get the point.





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