The Honest Company Review October 2016

The Honest Company Review October 2016

I have been ordering boxes from The Honest Company for the last few years. I have never been disappointed with any of the products, and consider myself an Honest Company addict. I have reviewed almost all of their cleaning and body care items with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 cleaning products. I decided to order a couple of the products I haven’t tried in October just so I could show you something new. I’m sure you are getting sick of seeing shampoo, conditioner and tampons…..well I may have ordered another box of tampons, but those need to be a monthly order, just sayin’.

The Honest Company Details

If you aren’t familiar with The Honest Company it is a monthly subscription box of safer, affordable, eco-friendly products that are also really gorgeous. Currently they offer 3 different monthly bundles – Diapers & Wipes Bundle, Essentials Bundle, and a Health & Wellness Bundle.

The Box: The Honest Company

Cost: $35.95 for the Essentials Bundle

What You Get: Enjoy the convenience of monthly bundles of botanical body care & non-toxic cleaning essentials. Just what you need for a healthy, happy home! Includes five products of your choice.

Ships to: Canada & US

Shipping Cost: $5.95 per bundle plus a 25% international surcharge for Canada

Honest Rinse Aid

Hardwater got your dishes looking dingy? Our plant-based, clean rinse formula safely leaves everything spotless and crystal clear. No residues. No worries.

This is the first of the “new” products I ordered this month. It isn’t new to the website, just new to me specifically. I don’t think I have ever used rinse aid in my life, so I’m not sure if I will be able to provide useful feedback on this one, but we are going to give it a try anyways.

Wet Mopping Pads

Advanced plant-based, 4-in-1 formula helps clean, shine, and protect wood and laminate floors. Our versatile and durable floor mopping pads fit standard sweepers – tackling messes with no harsh chemicals or residues!

These are the other “new” item I ordered this month. I have seen these on their website a few times but have no clue why I haven’t ordered them before now. I HATE it when my floor is dirty. I clean it a few times per week so these are going to come in handy.

Organic Cotton Tampons

Innovation, meet organic cotton – we’re in this together! Our hypoallergenic tampon gently expands in all directions for a natural, comfortable fit and enhanced leak protection. It’s made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and offers a revolutionary bio-based plastic compact applicator.

You have seen these guys many times before. I order them pretty much every month. They are the only tampons I use….unless its an emergency…..then I will use my old brand.

Organic Dish Towels

Our beautiful, textured towels are constructed from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and feature both a solid and striped towel in this coordinating 2-pack set. Each towel is equipped with a handy hanging loop, and the generous size makes tackling any job a breeze. The honeycomb surface can be used for lint-free drying of delicate dishware, and the absorbent terry side is strong and sturdy for drying everything else.

I ordered these a few times in the past but that was probably a year or two ago. I figured it was time to order a few more and went with navy this time around (you get to choose from three different colors). I feel like they are bigger than they use to be, and I really hope that is the case. My only complaint when I ordered them the first time around was that they were too small.

Honest Hand Soap

Naturally refresh and cleanse your hands with pure plant-based ingredients — perfect hand soap for the whole family! Available in 3 scents — lavender, lemongrass, and mandarin.

This is another item I order on a regular basis. I have this in all three bathrooms and at the kitchen sink.

The Honest Company Review October 2016 – Final Thoughts

I always look forward to my October Essential Bundle order from The Honest Company because they usually have a coupon code which gives current customers a FREE Halloween Tote with their purchase. I was so happy to see that they were offering it again this year, it’s one of the only reasons I got a shipment in October. Their Halloween totes are SO freakin’ cute! This will be my third one, and I love them all. Other than that I don’t have anything new to report. I love this subscription service and always will.


The Honest Company

The Honest Company, a leading healthy lifestyle brand, is committed to creating products that are effective, safe, delightful, accessible, and responsible.

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