The Honest Company Review September 2016

The Honest Company Review September 2016

You are all probably very familiar with The Honest Company by now. I have been reviewing it for quite some time. And I have tried almost all of their personal care items. There really isn’t anything new I can tell you. So instead of talking about how much I love this subscription service I will talk about the FREE trial offer. The FREE trial is how I got hooked a few years back. I was a little skeptical of these “natural” products so instead of committing to the recurring subscription I decided to pay the shipping fee for the FREE trial and give that a go first. And…..the rest is history, I have been a subscriber ever since. Get your FREE trial – CLICK HERE

The Honest Company Details

If you aren’t familiar with The Honest Company it is a monthly subscription box of safer, affordable, eco-friendly products that are also really gorgeous. Currently they offer 3 different monthly bundles – Diapers & Wipes Bundle, Essentials Bundle, and a Health & Wellness Bundle.

The Box: The Honest Company

Cost: $35.95 for the Essentials Bundle

What You Get: Enjoy the convenience of monthly bundles of botanical body care & non-toxic cleaning essentials. Just what you need for a healthy, happy home! Includes five products of your choice.

Ships to: Canada & US

Shipping Cost: $5.95 per bundle plus a 25% international surcharge for Canada

Shampoo & Body Wash

Our shampoo and body wash is designed to gently cleanse the entire body from head to toe. Enriching oils and extracts balanced with organic botanicals leave skin feeling touchably soft and smooth.


Our conditioner leaves hair feeling silky, soft, and easy to manage. Available in 3 delightful scents. Lightweight and hydrating formula helps soften hair and eliminate frizz. Argan oil, shea butter, and murumuru seed butter help tame tangles and knots.

I will always love their Shampoo & Conditioner. My hair responds very well to it. But, I have noticed that since the weather has gotten cooler, my hair is a little more dry than it usually is. I definitely need a little extra moisture, it’s the one thing this shampoo and conditioner is lacking. Therefore, I have been applying coconut oil masks once a week just to combat the dryness.

Conditioning Detangler

Detangle, condition, and shine with the nourishment of organic botanicals. Silken, fortify and enhance your hair’s natural shine with Honest Leave-In Conditioner and Detangler. Perfect for taming frizz and tackling knots. Your hair will thank you!

I order a bottle of the Conditioning Tangler every second or third month. I apply this after getting out of the shower. My hair is very long right now, and it can be a pain to comb through when it is wet.

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Organic Cotton Tampons

Innovation, meet organic cotton – we’re in this together! Our hypoallergenic tampon gently expands in all directions for a natural, comfortable fit and enhanced leak protection. It’s made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and offers a revolutionary bio-based plastic compact applicator.

These are my favourite. I make sure that I have at least one box (if not two) on hand at all times.

Dish Soap

This plant-based powerhouse dish soap easily penetrates grease, grime, gunk, and icky-sticky, caked on messes. Ultra concentrated. Extra sudsy. Downright delightful.

I ran out of this right before we moved and had to go buy the regular old store-bought version. I didn’t like it very much, so I made sure to add another bottle to my next order.

The Honest Company Review September 2016 – Final Thoughts

I will always love my Honest Company orders. I hate it when I run out of one of my HC products and have to use other brands. Now that we have moved, and I have a lot more room for storage, I will be stocking up on my favourites just to make sure I don’t run out of anything. The cupboard in my laundry room is currently my “cleaning cupboard” and it is full of nothing but Honest Company products…..I love it!


The Honest Company

The Honest Company, a leading healthy lifestyle brand, is committed to creating products that are effective, safe, delightful, accessible, and responsible.

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