House Box Review April 2016

If you like household items as much as I do, House Box is the box for you. It’s a Canadian company so right now it’s only available in Canada, but I am totally ok with that because US subscribers definitely have their pick of subscription boxes…….I like that we finally have a few boxes exclusive to Canada.

If you aren’t familiar with House Box it is expertly selected product samples delivered right to your doorstep! You will receive 5 or more items, including samples of household products, non-perishable consumables, atmosphere enhancers, and other unique household items! This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

House Box April 2016 1 House Box April 2016 2

The Box: House Box

Cost: $21.95 bi-monthly

What You Get: You will receive 5 or more items, including samples of household products, non-perishable consumables, atmosphere enhancers, and other unique household items!

Ships to: Canada

Shipping Cost: $9.95

House Box April 2016 3 House Box April 2016 4

This month’s product card says “Embrace Spring Cleaning with April’s House Box”, and I just happen to love Spring Cleaning. If I had the time to Spring clean my house once a month I would be a happy camper. Sadly my life is all about blogging right now, and a regular cleaning schedule is only a fantasy.

House Box April 2016 7

Dizolve Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent – This is a fun idea! I’ve never heard of these before. You simply detach a strip, place in the washer, add clothes and away you go. How on earth does a tiny little strip like this have enough cleaning power? But if it does work, how much room am I going to save when I replace my big bottle of detergent with these guys?

House Box April 2016 11

Laundry Tarts Sweet Spot Stain Remover – Another product I’ve never seen before, a stain removing bar. At first I thought this was maybe an “on the go” type of product, but it’s not. This is to be used at home when treating stains.

House Box April 2016 8

JBK Pottery Pot Minder – Yes!! This just made my day! I’ve been making a lot of pasta and different kinds of noodles lately, and I HATE it when the water boils over. This wonderful little gadget promises to prevent that.

House Box April 2016 9

Tupperware – I love me some Tupperware, it brings back memories from childhood as my Mom had a ton of this stuff. I like this little guy because he will be perfect for my purse – pills, hair elastics, cream, etc.


Dark Horse Farms 100% Natural Soap by Beelites – Where was this wonderful little bar of soap in October when I needed him most? It smells like pumpkin spice and I love it!

House Box April 2016 10

Yogi Tea – Tea always makes me happy, especially Yogi Tea, it’s one of my favourite brands.

House Box April 2016 5

Thoughts: Can I just say how much I love this little box (other than the fact that this month’s items don’t really fit with the theme)! These are the kinds of products I would never go out and look for on my own, but items that are definitely needed. We received an odor-free dishcloth in the December box and I use it ever single day…’s amazing! And the Brown Sugar Bear from last month has changed my life. I LOVE discovering fun little kitchen items that make my life easier, and that’s exactly  what House Box provides.





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