Hygge in a Box Review: Fall 2022

“I should put a bowl of Halloween candy in my office in case anybody wants some.
— Me, working from home. Alone.”

(Simon Holland)

Fall’s here and it’s nesting time. Prime hygge time. As soon as the temperature starts to drop below oh, I don’t know, maybe 16°C 😂😂 I like to light some candles, make a big cup of tea and curl up with a blanket and a book and all the things that make the dark mornings and shorter days not terribly terrible. So I love the Fall Hygge in a Box. It’s filled with all kinds of wonderful and cozy comforts made here in Canada by artisans and small businesses along with brilliant tips to take care of yourself this time of year. Some of which include going outside. Imagine! 😂 Here’s a look.

The box I’m sharing today is the large Fall box. All quarterly boxes are available in large and small and ship across Canada and the US. This one is sold out so new subscriptions will begin with the Winter box (you can also order it by the box) and they have a Hygge Holiday box available to order ’til November 15 (both Deluxe and Essentials editions).

First we’ve got a beautiful product card. One side features detailed descriptions of the contents, tips on how to the use them and exclusive discounts for some of the brands featured inside, while the reverse (pictured here) shares further ideas for enjoying hygge moments throughout the season. I’ve quoted from the card in italics below.

Now let’s get in to the treats!!

Roasted Pear candle · Mysa Candles & Lot.ceramics · Winnipeg MB · “This 2 in 1 beauty was handcrafted using Canadian clay, in Manitoba by LOT.ceramics to fit Mysa 7 oz candles. First, enjoy hours of hygge moments while enjoying the crackling of the wood wick, the calming translucent glow and a delicious fall scent (pears enhanced with cinnamon and spices for a rich, warm fragrance). Then, either order refill candles from Mysa, or use this is a planter, decor and anything else you can think of. Mysa carefully infuses small batches of 100% soy wax with their own blend of high quality essential and fragrance oils.

The inside of each container is glazed to prevent scent from sticking. Dishwasher safe, microwave safe (once the metal wick clip is removed) and food safe.”

I’ve been burning this candle all week (I’m burning it now!) and it’s giving me all the warm and cozy feels. It’s fruity and subtly spiced with just a hint of sweetness. Perfectly balanced. Mine doesn’t have much of a crackle which you usually get from a wood wick (maybe it’s just mine?) but that’s okay. The vessel is lovely and reusable so I like that too.

Strawberry face scrub · Sequoia · Kahnawake, QC · “Sequoia is 100% one and operated by Indigenous women. Founded in 2022 by Michael Lazore who is Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) from Akwesáhsne and Northern Paiute from Nevada. The design, production, and packaging of all the products is done in the working studio locally. None of the manufacturing is outsourced. This luxurious face scrub will give you a healthy glow by encouraging cell renewal. Sequoia’s face scrub ingredients are actually edible and without preservatives. We use this daily and absolutely love it!”

I wouldn’t think of strawberry for Fall but it’s one of my favourite scents (and flavours!) and this gentle sugar scrub smells absolutely delicious. I’ve used it a couple of times and my skin feels so soft. Great as a lip scrub too!

Iced Evergreen bath bomb · Lend Me Some Sugar · Winnipeg, MB · “The makers are passionate about creating luxurious, simple ingredient, cruelty-free bath and body products. They want to help you relax without worrying about harsh chemicals or breaking your budget. All products are proudly handmade and “tested on people, not pets.” To create a hygge moment, drop the bomb into a tub full of warm water, get in, and enjoy the refreshing aroma and luxurious moisturizers. The packaging is biodegradable.”

Every Friday at lunchtime I go for a long walk with friends and their pooch and I always feel so great after. The company, the fresh air, the exercise — it’s a self-care 3 for 1 and very much hygge. One Friday afternoon when it’s especially chilly I’m going to come in from a walk and go straight to the tub with this bomb. The woodsy scent is perfection and the bomb itself is just so, so pretty!

And there’s more!

Chocolate Bar trio · Laura Slack Chocolate · Toronto, ON · “Hygge wouldn’t be the same without a sweet treat! Laura Slack is an artisan chocolatier and pastry chef and handmakes her creations from the finest couverture chocolate. Each bar is hand painted in luxurious colours then hand wrapped in authentic Japanese Chiyogami paper. These bars offer a stunning visual and taste experience for the true chocolate lover. We included Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Bar, Candied Rose Milk Chocolate Bra and Maldon Salt Milk Chocolate Bar.”

I’ve been saving these too, partly because the wrapping is so pretty I don’t want to tear it. But I do love milk chocolate and these bars sound absolutely BEYOND — I think I might even be able to power through the dark one with salted caramel (even tho dark choco isn’t my fave). To think they’re hand-painted too! I’m so curious to see. Maybe I’ll do a wee video when I open one and share it in my stories.

Bella Alpaca hand warmers · Pokoloko · Toronto, ON · “A seasonal staple for your wardrobe, great for the active enthusiast, levers of layers or for cooler winter wanderings. Pokoloko is a company that is dedicated to the discovery of high-quality, fair-trade products exclusively from family-based artisans. They are crafted with Peruvian alpaca, a natural, technical fibre with remarkable thermal properties — allowing air circulation on warm days (prevents sweating) and heat insulation on cool days (contains heat). As a bonus, alpaca is one of Earth’s most sustainable fibres to make, because alpacas and alpaca fibre harvesting have a very low environmental impact.”

Pokoloko makes my favourite waffle weave towels and all kinds of other wonderful things too. These hand warmers are going to be great for my Friday walks. I wonder if they have leg warmers too? I would totally wear a matching set!

Autumn Harvest Lentil Soup · Simply Delish · Langley, BC · “Soup is always a cozy fall treat, warming your whole body as it goes down. Simply Delish believes in spending time with family. That is why the majority of their recipes can be made by adding water, one or two optional additions and simmering on the stove top for 30 to 40 minutes. They’ve done the work for you so you can enjoy your free time without having to cook all day in the kitchen. All of their soups are proudly handmade and always vegan, gluten free, msg-free and reduced sodium.”

Hygge in a Box has included Simply Delish soup in the past and I’m so glad to see it again. The name is bang-on — it’s really easy to make and super tasty too. I could live on soup this time of year! Looking forward to trying this one.

Subscriber bonus: Be Cozy Simmer Mix · Simmer and Co · Lethbridge, AB · “100% natural home fragrance stovetop scent from the comfort of your kitchen. When you just want to curl up with a blanket, relax and unwind, simmer Be Cozy on your stovetop to fill your home with this soothing aroma of jasmine, cedar wood and cardamom. Let the calming aromas relax you and feel good knowing it’s all natural. Everything is handmade, in small batches and packaged for you to enjoy! Each simmer mix bag contains enough botanicals for one simmer pot that can be used multiple times. The simmer mix can be composted, making it eco-friendly.”

And this simmer is such a great idea! I’ve never tried one but it sounds dreamy and I love that you can use it again and again. (Just empty the contents into a glass container for next time.)

And last we have a recipe for Fall Plum Torte · “This is a favourite cold weather dessert from family friends.”

I’ve never baked with plums but any Hygge in a Box recipe I’ve tried has been amazing so I can’t wait to try it!

Ah, Hygge in a Box! You’ve outdone yourselves with this one! I love the mix of treats to keep you warm, keep you nourished, and keep you (and your home! me and my home!) smelling and feeling great. Hygge is well-being and the Fall Hygge in a Box hits the mark with a thoughtful collection of products and ideas to help you take care of yourself throughout the season. I love mine!

Try Small Things – https://trysmallthings.com

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