InspireME Crate Review January 2017

Inspire your inner artist with a monthly balance of professional grade art supplies and creativity sparking lesson plans, delivered to your door every month. Experience the ongoing fun and dive into new ideas with advanced prompts, challenges, motivational guides, approaches, artist advice, tool explanation AND Quality art supplies! You’ll ask yourself, how did they fit it all in one box?

I am an artist at heart.  Ever since I was a kid I would bring a sketch book and artist tools of some sort in the car, to restaurants, visiting friends or to the park.  I have always thought and still think art to be very therapeutic.  InspireME Crate is an excellent way to try new mediums to expand your thinking and creativity!

I was very pleased with what I found in this month’s InspireME.  There was such a nice variety of supplies, but not an overwhelming amount.  It is very easy for the creative to become overwhelmed by choices and possibilities.  I like how InspireME only provides you with a small selection, just enough to tempt your creativity into action!

Colouring Sheet, Prismacolor-Premier

Colouring has made a come-back bigger than 90’s fashion.  Adult colouring books are everywhere, but how do you know if it’s right for you?  InspireME has provided a complicated colouring sheet to give you an idea of what it’s like to utilize colouring as a self-care exercise.  I happen to own two adult colouring books and have loved winding down in the evening with a glass of wine and coloured pencils.  The colouring pencil provided here is from PRISMACOLOUR, which is actually the best colouring pencil on the market if you ask me!

Yellow Orchid Acrylic Paint and Fine Touch Brush

I have never been big into acrylic paint.  I have more gravitated to watercolour or oils, but again, InspireME is about trying new things and mediums to see if you are ready to branch out in your creativity.  Seeing how they have provided me with everything I need to test out acrylics again I would give this one a go!

SketchME Sketch Book and General’s Layout Pencil

This is right up my alley!  A small sketchbook and pencil.  Keep it simple!  This book is the perfect size to tuck into a purse for those moments of unexpected creativity!

Challenge Book

Included in this crate is a book full of artistic challenges.  Sometimes as a creative thinker it’s easy to get stuck in ruts or break out of your comfort zone.  I love how InspireME has provided a small book of inspirations and art challenges!  Each page has techniques or challenges to make you a better artist!

Spectra AD Marker

I love this tool!  I have gotten more and more into pen work and having a marker that has both a thick and fine tipped end is a dream!  This is great for calligraphy or for those bigger projects.

InspireME Crate Box Review January 2016 – Final Thoughts

I was very inspired by the InspireME Crate from the first glance of their box!  Upon opening it I was so impressed by the variety and detail put into the thought of the items.  This is definitely a box to get if you’re New Years resolution is to be more creative!  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised as the inner artist you pull out.





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