Irish Taste Club Review May 2016

Irish Taste Club Review May 2016 – Did you know that there’s a number of subscription boxes that are “location specific”. These are boxes that send you items from a specific town, city, country, etc. I feel like these boxes are a great way to travel from home. With Irish Taste Club, you get to have a little piece of Ireland delivered to your door every 30 days……and you don’t have to step foot on a plane. It’s also really nice for those of you who might be from Ireland originally but are now living elsewhere, it’s a little piece of home.

If you aren’t familiar with Irish Taste Club it is a unique way to get the finest Irish gourmet food to you – monthly! Their flavour boxes are carefully selected by a panel of experts. They deliver one every month directly to your desk or door containing the best products from independent artisan producers based only in Ireland.

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The Box: Irish Taste Club

Cost: $49 per month

What You Get: You get the very best unique Irish products every month. Be it chocolate and desserts, jams and chutneys, snacks or spices, they can pretty much guarantee that you will absolutely love your monthly Box.

Ships to: US & Ireland

Shipping Cost: FREE to US

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Irish Taste Club comes in a green & white logo’d box, so there’s no mistaking what it is when it arrives on your doorstep. Inside they have packaged things nicely. Everything is wrapped in a piece of burlap, which is genius, I haven’t seen this done before. They also include a product sheet which has a photo of the artisan, and a description of their product.

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Joe’s Farm Crisps – These are mixed potato crisps with a sprinkle of Irish sea salt. They are produced on a farm by a husband and wife team. They include veggies such as beetroot, carrot and parsnips. I’ve had veggie crisps many times before and really enjoy them.

Irish Taste Club Review May 2016 10

Follain Preserves Raspberry & Vanilla Spread – Ummm…..this sounds amazing and it is making me want a piece of toast ASAP. Follain is the Irish word meaning “all that is wholesome, healthy and natural”.  Toast with vegan butter and jam is my comfort food, so I am really happy to see this item in the box.

Irish Taste Club Review May 2016 9

Crossogue Irish Preserves Beetroot Chutney – I love chutney but rarely purchase it (I have no clue why). They say to enjoy this one with cheese and crackers or as part of a healthy salad. I will opt for vegan cream cheese and a rice cake.

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Big Red Kitchen Brown Soda Bread Mix & Butterscotch Sauce – Apparently in Ireland brown bread is eaten for breakfast topped with sausage, bacon and egg. The mix is a great way to make authentic Irish brown bread at home. And as for the Butterscotch Sauce, I will probably have it with my coconut ice-cream.

Irish Taste Club Review May 2016 8

SD Bells Tea – Apparently this is the same tea they had on the famous Titanic. The company is Ireland’s oldest tea importer and coffee roaster. We received Belfast Tea which is a full flavoured blend of top quality Indian and Kenyan Teas.

Irish Taste Club Review May 2016 7

Broderick’s Chocolate Wrapped Mini Bites – I saved the best for last. A bag of chocolately goodness! I will probably have these with my tea, in the morning, when I should eating fruit instead. The bag contains 3 different flavours:

  • Caramel Slice – a shortbread base with caramel and Belgian chocolate topping
  • Tiffin – a luxurious and tasty biscuit enrobed in Belgium chocolate
  • Rocky Road – a crunchy biscuit slice topped with chocolate coating and marshmallows
Irish Taste Club Review May 2016 5

Thoughts: Time for some brutal honesty….I found this box a lot more fun to go through than I was expecting it to be. I have received a few “location specific” subscription boxes in the past but always felt that they were more suited to subscribers from those locations rather than those of us living in different cities/countries. However, I didn’t really get that feeling with the Irish Taste Club. Yes, it will still be more exciting for someone who is from Ireland, but I had fun with the unboxing and really like the items they included. I can see myself enjoying all of the products, and there’s something to be said for that. You all know that I am Vegan, and super picky with my food, but they managed to include items that even the high-maintenance vegan will try, so I can only imagine that other subscribers will love the items even more than me.





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