Kid Wonder Review November 2018

Kid Wonder is a monthly subscription box that encourages children to learn through imaginative play. They currently have the Little Dreamers box geared towards children ages 3-6 years. With fun, educational themes arriving to your doorstep monthly, your child will be excited to learn and play with Kid Wonder. The fun begins as soon as your box arrives with beautifully designed artwork on the outside of the box displaying the theme of month! The theme for November’s box is World Traveler. The box arrived with 4 activities all neatly packaged inside.

Kid Wonder is $29.95 per month and free US shipping. They also offer 3, 6, or 12 month subscription boxes. Do you have multiple children? You also have the option to order the Little Dreamers box for siblings and save money! The sibling box includes two sets of all the activities at a discounted cost of $39.95 and free US shipping. Shipping to Canada is $10.00.

November Theme Salut World Traveler!

As always, Scout the adventure pup greets you with a short message about what activities to expect. Pack your bags this month because Kid Wonder is headed around the world. Inside of this box your child will get to explore different cultures by searching Tanzania for African animals, learn about music and dances from Mexico, make sushi in Japan, and paint a canvas in France.

Let’s Play World Traveler! Booklet

Kid Wonder has made a few recent changes, including the short letter to parents and helpers. This letter covers information about each kit on one side and some helpful links with instructions to help you out if needed. With boxes for kids, this is a big plus for me. I like to know what is going on in advance because my children want to dig into the box as soon as they get their hands on it! Having a break down and links to videos helps me familiarize myself with the content. Inside of the booklet you can find activities about traveling and how to prepare.

Activity #1: Let’s Fly To Tanzania

Time to pack up and board the first scheduled flight to Tanzania! The first activity kit includes a suitcase, passport, camera, and a boarding pass to travel around the world with. Your child will travel through a safari in Tanzania and learn all about the animals living there. Catch a few fun facts about each country inside of the passport booklet and don’t forget to add the country’s flag sticker inside once your child visits each country. I love all the detail inside of the box, like the flag stickers and the boarding pass. These small details makes the overall experience so much more realistic and fun for your child!

Activity #2: Let’s Fly To Mexico

Bienvenidos! In this activity your child will head to Mexico to experience the joyful music and learn to dance. As always Kid Wonder supplies everything from the paint brush to the mess mat. This activity may have included paint but it was very simple and my son really enjoyed painting his maracas and shaking them all around! Get your child up and moving by following the rhythm of the music. I also really love that they included a small worksheet about counting in English and Spanish. Your child will get to practice writing numbers one through six in both languages.

Activity #3: Let’s Fly To Japan

Time to fly to Japan and enjoy some sushi! Using play dough and pre-cut black paper your child will create pretend play sushi. I think this activity is so creative and what kid doesn’t love play dough? Your child will even get the chance to learn how to use chopsticks using the step by step instructions inside of the box to guide them. This activity teaches your child the variety of foods all around the world and how we even eat differently.

Activity #4: Let’s Fly To France

Last stop is France! Your child will get the chance to explore art and mixing colors with this activity. Kid Wonder provides three primary color paints for your child’s canvas and a paint pallet showing which colors to mix to create secondary colors. Remaking the art piece by Monet was a little difficult for my almost 5 year old but it was still a fun activity! Practice more word tracing with the additional worksheets included in this kit.

Kid Wonder Review November 2018 – Final Thoughts

I really love the idea of introducing children to different countries and their culture. All around the world we dress, eat, dance, and talk differently which is why I believe it is important for us to teach our children diversity. My family travels quite a bit, whether it’s state to state or a few hours from home. My children love the idea of flying in airplanes and packing bags so they can really relate to this box and enjoyed each activity from start to finish. The activities were all perfectly geared towards the 3-6 year old age range. They consist of things that keep my kids attention well and really makes the experience fun for them! I especially love that the painting projects inside the November Kid Wonder box are very simple and nothing to messy for little ones.

Next Month

Graduate from the Police Academy and catch the cookie thief with next month’s Kid Wonder Crime Stoppers box. Boxes ship December 4th so be sure to check out Kid Wonder and grab your box. For more information, you can always check out the Kid Wonder website before subscribing for the next month’s box!

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