King x Portland Gift Box Review March 2017

This is the review for King x Portland Gift Box.  A one time purchase of $40 where three selected for your styles will be shipped to you or to the receiver of your gift.  King x Portland was developed by three creatives inspired by the pace and street style of their city, reflected by people creating its totally unique aesthetic.

Toronto is rich with neighbourhoods, streets and districts where people meet, explore, create and live. At King x Portland, like any other corner of the city, the intersection of urban journeys and personal expression come together to shape a completely original brand of style.

I recently reviewed the subscription box from King x Portland.  The difference between these boxes is the subscription box costs $15 per month and one pair of socks will be shipped to you each month.  You can also subscribe for a full year at once for a bit of a discount.  The gift box, which is what we are looking at here is a one time purchase.  I was so impressed with the subscription box that I can’t wait to tell you about what is in the gift box!

Everything about this box feels classy; from the look of the box itself, to it’s logo, to the items included inside.  I know if I gave this as a gift I would feel 100% confident in the product I was giving.  Any guy would be lucky to receive these items!  With King x Portland you won’t be able to select the style of socks yourself, but looking at what’s provided here you can see there is no need to worry about the type of sock you’ll be receiving.

They have also provided a promo-code on the back of the card included for a free first pair of socks under a subscription purchase.  This is a great incentive for the receiver to sign up for their own monthly subscription!

Unlike the subscription box there is not a description of each sock.  I love the green of these socks!  Polkadots are also always a win in my book.  These socks would be an amazing edition to the golf and country club outfit – I feel like I’m saying that because they remind me of a golf course!

These are my favourite out of the three!  I am absolutely in love with the colours!  Each of these patterns would go great dressed up or dressed down.  They are also so soft that you would be tempted to wear them every day.

I love that a ‘tamed’ look has been included.  Not everyone is up for sporting a radical pattern on their feet!  These are just a classic sock, but are just as soft and cozy as the others.

King x Portland Gift Box – Final Thoughts

If you can’t tell already I’m 100% supporter of this box and brand.  I love that they are Canadian as well!  I think it’s super smart to offer a subscription or gift box option and would not only consider purchasing a gift box, but am already thinking about who I could purchase it for.  It’s not too soon to be thinking about father’s day when it comes to checking out King x Portland.





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