L.V. Kiki Review July 2016

L.V. Kiki Review July 2016

L.V. Kiki Review July 2016 – I love discovering new fashion related subscription boxes, and that’s exactly what I have for you today. I’m not sure how long L.V. Kiki has been around, but it’s new to me. Prior to receiving today’s box, I hadn’t heard of them before. I did a little research prior to the review and was very intrigued by the price point, it is EXTREMELY reasonable. And you can never go wrong with a fashion accessory subscription box. Accessories are a girl’s best friend……..well maybe not all girls…..but most.

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L.V. Kiki Details

If you aren’t familiar with L.V.Kiki, it is a subscription-based accessory company that sends their subscribers a box of 4-6 surprise seasonal accessories each month for only $19 + free shipping. Every box will contain an assortment of fashionable and stylish accessories and lifestyle products to complement your look. The accessories inside are customized based on season, trend, and customer style surveys.

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The Box: L.V. Kiki

Cost: $19 per month

What You Get: Each carefully curated accessories box includes 4-6 high-quality seasonal accessories to ensure that you look trendy from head-to-toe. You will receive a combination of trendy jewelry, shoes, scarves, gloves, hats, legwear, belts, and hair accessories.

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE to US & $10 to Canada

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Subscription Details

When you sign up for an L.V. Kiki box, you get to fill out a style profile. Here are some of the questions I was asked – clothing/shoe size, birthday, style (classic or trendy), favourite color scheme (neutral or colourful), lifestyle (relaxed or formal), and favourite season for accessories (summer or winter).

I quickly looked at a couple other reviews prior to writing this, and it does appear as though boxes are customized, I received totally different items than other reviewers.

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Fringed Scarf

I love that they sent a scarf in my first box, although it’s not really my style. Don’t get me wrong, I am still going to try to wear it, but at first glance I’m not loving it. However, I like to keep an open mind with these kind of things. Sometimes it’s good to step outside your fashion comfort zone.

IMG_6448 IMG_6451


Set of 3 Headbands

These are really cute. I LOVE the look of a cute headband. Some girls definitely rock it better than I do. But nonetheless, I love it and will rock these regardless. The gold beaded one is my least favourite, but the white flower one is SUPER cute. And the black one will be a good “everyday” band.

L.V. Kiki Review July 2016 9
Leaf Bracelet

This would go either way. I think if it is style property, it will look really cute. Maybe with a small gold watch and a thing gold bangle?

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Ring Set

I was so worried when I first saw these. I always have trouble with ring sizes because my fingers are abnormally small. I’m usually a size 5. But…..they did a great job with this little set because it includes all different sizes. Which means I can wear them all on different fingers. Some are a little big, but that’s ok. I’m just happy to be able to wear some of them.

L.V. Kiki Review July 2016 6 L.V. Kiki Review July 2016 7

Wow, I can’t believe I received 4 necklaces. I love that one of them is long, as this is the style I seem to be wearing most often these days. It’s also really nice that there is a mixture of silver and gold.

L.V. Kiki Review July 2016 4
L.V. Kiki Review July 2016 – Final Thoughts

Ok, I defintiely wasn’t expecting to receive so many items in my first L.V. Kiki box! This is craziness. Yes, they aren’t the highest quality items, but when it comes to accessories like these you don’t need high quality. At $19 per month, you can’t go wrong. I received more than 6 items, so even when you factor in the shipping cost for us Canadians it’s a great deal. I also like the fact that I received a little bit of everything – necklaces, bracelet, rings, scarf, headbands…… This is a very well-rounded box. Some of the styles might not be my favourite, but on the whole I think it is a great box. I can’t wait to see more from them.





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