LaRitzy Review January 2016

LaRitzy is a subscription that puts a smile on my face. The products they include in their monthly box are the kind of products I absolutely adore, and I honestly can’t think of one item I’ve received from them that I haven’t liked. But then again, when it comes to vegan and cruelty-free products I can’t see myself ever being unhappy.

If you aren’t familiar with LaRitzy it is a new beauty subscription box that believes in building a product discovery experience for people who are passionate about their skin. The products you will receive are all-natural and never tested on animals. They believe in supporting local artisans; some of the best products are handmade with lots of love! This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

LaRitzy January 2016 2 LaRitzy January 2016 5

The Box: LaRitzy

Cost: $24.99

What You Get: LaRitzy is an online beauty subscription that surprises you each month with 4-5 incredible full & luxury size cruelty free and vegan beauty products!

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE to US & $5 to Canada

Coupon Code: use code AYOB20 to get 20% off your first month – CLICK HERE

LaRitzy January 2016 7

There was a little bit of a mix up with the product cards this month and we received an old one, so I had to do some research prior to writing this review. I definitely love my product cards, but it’s probably only because I’m lazy and want all the info right in front of me. However, once I actually get my butt in gear I don’t really mind doing the research, I always end up learning something new.

LaRitzy January 2016 3

Zoe Organics Cream ($18) – This item was developed specifically for very dry skin and conditions such as eczema….. and I can read each and every one of the ingredients. The only thing I can’t figure out is if it is meant to be used only on your body, or if it can be a face cream…..I want to use it as a face cream.

LaRitzy January 2016 6 LaRitzy January 2016 9

Mai Couture Highlighter Papers ($28) – I’ve received these before but always end up giving them away as gifts. However, now that I actually had to do some research on the product I found out that they are meant to brighten your look (that should have been obvious) and seeing as I love bright skin I can’t figure out why on earth I haven’t tried them out in the past. That’s what I get for being lazy.

LaRitzy January 2016 8

GlamNatural Lip Colour in Poco Loco ($20) – This is a gorgeous color for winter, not too bright or dark. It’s very pigmented and contains no nasty ingredients. I need to throw my Julep gloss away and start using this as my daily lip color.

LaRitzy January 2016 1

Otavea Scrub ($16) – This little scrub is all natural without any artificial preservatives, colors, additives, parabens, sulphates or phthalates. It says that you are supposed to apply to areas of your body that need attention and leave on for at least 5 min. Once again, I’m not sure if this is meant for your body only or if you can use it on your face…..I want to use it on my face.

LaRitzy January 2016 10

Thoughts: If I was to go out and buy all of these products separately they would have cost me $82! Sometimes I forget how much value we receive in our LaRitzy boxes. I’m actually kind of glad there was a mix up with the product cards, or else I never would have looked up each item separately, and realized how expensive each one is when compared to the actual cost of the box. In regards to the actual products in this month’s box, I am super happy with all of them. The highlighter papers might not work out for me but that will only be because I’m horrible when it comes to applying makeup of any kind…..I really need to work on that. Anyways, to put it simply, I’m a happy girl right now.





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