LD Accessory Box Review July 2019

LD Accessory Box is a monthly subscription by Luxury Divas that delivers season appropriate accessories, that can include jewelry pieces, essentials such as socks, wallets, hair accessories, scarves and more.

LD Accessory Box costs $35 with free shipping for a one time purchase and it can go down to $30 if you subscribe monthly.

July’s LD Accessory Box was all summer vibes, and just like June’s box it brought us top notch and needed items to be 100% ready for summa time. If you’ve been getting this box for a while, like me, you’ll have flip flops, a hat, sunglasses, a tote back, an ankle bracelet and a ton more to equip you for this season and with July’s box, even more!

Let’s dive in!

July’s LD Accessory Box has a total retail value of $129!

Right off the top we receive some papers with social media and Luxury Divas info and as usual a hand written note by our curator. This month mine was Marina. There was also a lip balm included as an extra!

The box comes packaged beautifully with LD branded paper and stickers and when you open that you’ll find a sheet with product details and retail value.

Black Quilted Cross Body Waist Bag – $20

This is the glam version of a fanny bag and I am so glad these are coming back! As a busy mom, this is a key piece that can replace carrying a bag or purse and being able to use both hands. I wish I had 4 arms and hands but I don’t so having this quilted waist bag is super cool! It is available in several colors so make sure you check them out on the website!

Sterling Silver Necklace – $27

What a beautiful necklace and statement piece with this sea star in silver. The chain is also silver in a snake style chain. Perfect for summer days and parties.

No-Show Socks – $20

4 pairs of socks in tropical motif are perfect for those summer sneakers we need to wear sometimes when absolutely necessary, lol. They come in flamingo, floral, beige and pink and pineapple.

Scrunchy Set – $15

We received a set of two scrunchy hair ties with scarf hanging out to add flair to your pony tail or braid. I received two different patterns: a dusty pink with white polka dots and a plum color with jewelry motif. They come in different patterns as well.

Bohemian Beach Blanket – $25

This beach blanket with fringe border is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the beach, pool or the park and it came in my favorite color, teal. It’s also available in black.

Vintage Print Kimono Top – $25

A staple piece to have on hand during the warmer months, a kimono top is perfect to dress up a simple summer outfit, to throw over your swim suit and just feel free and breezy. It’s light and comfy, and I know I will be wearing it when I have to dress up jeans and a tank top.

LD Accessory Box Review July 2019 – Final Thoughts

Another amazing box by Luxury Divas with summer essentials, staple pieces and even fashion statement items. It’s awesome when a box you paid $30 for brings you accessories you need, or want, and all you have to do is wait for it to arrive at your door! The curators at LD Accessory Box are simply geniuses!

Lucia Metcalf – http://laughingwithoutanaccent.blogspot.com




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