Les Cocottes Review March 2017

Les Cocottes is a bi-monthly subscription service that delivers carefully curated boxes filled with delicacies directly imported from France! Get a taste of the finest products of our regions and experience the traditional French art of living!  Choose from a subscription offering a box every two months, or sign up for six months (total of 3 boxes) or twelve months (total of 6 boxes). They kindly sent us this box for review.

Welcome to the Les Cocottes’s Community!  This month, we are excited to feature the region of Brittany – this land in the far west of France.  Land of sailors and land of agriculture, la Bretagne is well-known for its Celtic legends, its culinary dishes and traditions and the strong character of its people!

Our items this month have been hand picked by friends and family of the owners!  Three recipes have also been included, which I love!

Ok, all three of these sound delicious!  I know you can get any recipe online these days, but there is something about a displayed card on your counter top that makes the cooking process so personal.  I can’t wait to try these, especially the crepes.  I haven’t had a good crepe since being in Paris two years ago.  If I can make them as good in my kitchen as they make them there I will consider myself a success in life.

Lobster Bisque

Surrounded by the sea, Brittany offers a wide range of fresh seafood and fish.  Among the seafood specialities are the popular fish soup or crustaceans bisque.

I have never had Lobster Bisque before, but I’m pretty much game to try anything at least once.

Butter Shortbread

These look super tasty!  Just the thing I would imagine picnicking with.  Picnics are big in France and you can often see people sitting on the river seine enjoying their food and wine.  Ahh…


Ok, so I know I said I’ll try anything once, but I’m not sure I could try sardines.  Maybe on a pizza.  Maybe.

Rillettes Henaff

Created in 1907 Henaff is an independent family company from the far west of Brittany.  The compay is successful due to the consistent high quality of its manufactured products and is the undisputed leader of preserved pates and rillettes in France.

I did try pate in France and I wasn’t a huge fan, but one of my friends I went with is!  I know just the person to give this to and they will be so pleased!!

The Kusmi Detox – Kusmi Tea

The famous Maison de The Kusmi was originally founded by Patel Mikhailovitch Kousmichoff in St. Petersburg until the Russian revolution broke out and the family fled to Paris in 1917.  Although the Kusmi brand is over a century old, it was recently revamped in 203 by the brothers Orebi who fell under the spell of mate, green tea and lemongrass is an ideal choice of beverage after the holiday food excess.  Enjoy it with the shortbread!

Love the story and love the tin!  Each item has been so beautifully described in your “Destination France” flyer found in the box.  I’m so impressed with the attention to detail and the stories included.

Salted Caramel Candies

The soft caramel candy is considered a specialty in Brittany.  They are made with salted butter and only became famous in 1970 when Henri Le Roux commercialized it in Paris.

Delicious!  I love traveling for finding the little gems like this.  It’s these types of candies that you load up on and then try to consume over a long time to make them last.  Once they are gone you want to fly back just to get more!  Thanks for including such a treasure!

Les Cocottes March 2017 – Final Thoughts

I feel so impressed with this box!  I loved the items included, but more than that I loved the Destination France pamphlet.  I loved the attention to detail, the stories, the history and fun facts provided.  It really gave you an idea of where the items were from and their importance to France and Brittany. I’m a huge travel bug and having been to France I felt a little nostalgic as I went through the box.  It felt very personal and hand crafted.  Can’t wait to see what else they come out with!





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