Lillypost Review August 2021

Lillypost is a monthly book subscription box that sends children’s books to your door! Each month, tiny fingers will discover carefully curated books, a note, and stickers for fun! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Lillypost is a favourite subscription here at our house, but I’m sure I have mentioned that before. Baby Steven is obsessed with books, even more so these days. He loves pulling books from his book shelf, carrying them over to me, sitting in my lap and flipping the pages. Most of his favourites are books we have received in our Lillypost boxes so, for me personally, it is a must-have subscription.

Subscription Details

Lillypost was founded on the idea that reading is fundamental to the development of every child. The love of books and learning starts early in life and what better way to ignite that love, than a child receiving an entirely new set of books every month? Discover books for the special little one in your life from newborn to 7 years old at up to 70% off retail price!

What You Get: Each box includes 4 board books or 3 picture books (or a mix of both!) to engage and entertain.

Lillypost Gives Back – For every box that is purchased, Lillypost will donate one book to a child in need through various charities.

Here’s a peek at the books I received in the Lillypost Board Book Box for August…

I Love You More Than…..

Learn just how much someone loves you in this fun and silly book full of outrageous comparisons.

I am loving this first book. Not only does it have a really cute story, I also love the brightly coloured illustrations. Steven is going to love it because each page has a different animal, and right now he likes to point at them and have me tell him what each one is.

Jungle – Slide & Play

Little fingers can easily learn how to move the sliders to reveal four favorite jungle animals and their names in this interactive early learning board book.

Steven loves any book with moving parts so this will definitely be a fave. I’m not particularly loving the black and white illustrations, but……he might be drawn to them.

Who’s Hatching

Two curious dinosaurs find an egg that’s about to hatch, and they wonder: Will this baby be big or tiny? Loud or quiet? Smooth or spiky?

Oh my….how cute is this story?! It takes me back to the days just before Steven was born and all I could think was…..what is he going to be like, what will he look like…..ansd so on.

Go To Sheep

There are lots of ways to “sheep”. You can sheep standing up. You can sheep upside down. Here to show you all the ways is an adorable…..sheep!

I love bedtime books so this one is probably my favorite of the bunch. I also love the play on words……Go To Sheep!

Lillypost Review August 2021 – Final Thoughts

Once again Lillypost has provided us with some wonderful new books for our collection. Steven absolutely loves this box and gets so excited to open it up. He immediately wants to look through all of the books and usually narrows it down to one favorite. I’m pretty sure his favourite this month is going to be “I Love You” with it’s large pages and colourful illustrations.

I’m very excited to see what our next few boxes hold. I’m hoping for some seasonal reads…..those are my favourites to receive.

-AYOB Sarah

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