Little Life Box Review April 2019

Little Life Box is a Canadian subscription box that gives you the opportunity to sample and experience new green, organic and health conscious products in a convenient and fun way that saves you money. You find around 11 to 14 products, a lot coming from Canadian companies, and they always give a large variety of items.

Subscription Details

Canadian Subscriptions: Choose from either the Original Box or the Vegan Box

– Month to Month ($25/box) or 3-Month ($24/box)
– Quarterly Subscription = $45
– Shipping is $5 per box

US Subscriptions:

– Quarterly Subscription = $35
– Trial Box = $27 (one time purchase)
– Free shipping

This month, Little Life Box kindly sent me the Vegan box to review. At first glance, it feels like there is a green theme going on and I think LLB might have heard me sneezing the past weeks because they sent me exactly what I needed for spring! Let me show you why.

First, the quote of the month made me laugh. Everyone loves spring rolls, that makes that little belly fat almost lovable said like that. Under the card was the products carefully covered with blue silky paper attached with the Little Life Box logo. Let’s take a look at the amazing products I received.

Kinwa Bar – Strawberry – Eat to Life

All our bars are free of the top 11 allergens, and are vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free and sweetened with organic coconut sap syrup. There are no sugar substitutes or sugar alcohols.

These bars are packed with super ingredients like quinoa, pea protein and chia seed. One bar contains 10 g of proteins, 8 grams of fiber and 7 grams of sugar. I received the same brand but a different flavour last month (lemon). It was super tasty and made a really satisfying snack in the afternoon so I am super happy to have the opportunity to try another flavour.

Lentil Chips – Thai Chili Lime Flavour – Enjoy Life

Bring the flavours of Thailand to your home with this unique gluten-free recipe — a blend of sweet & salt mixed with tart lime and a hint of spice. Thai Chili Lime crunchy Lentil Chips will channel your inner traveler and have you craving more.

Enjoy life is a brand I have received in previous boxes, and they have amazing products that are free of the top allergens, GMO and gluten free, and also vegan. The flavour is original and these lentil chips are a lot healthier than regular chips.

Powdered Peanut Butter – PB&ME

PB&ME Natural powdered peanut butter is made with premium roasted peanuts, without the calories! 90% of the fat from peanuts is removed and blended with the best tasting ingredients creating a magical combination with twice the protein content of traditional spreads.

I wanted to try this brand and almost bought some last weekend, what a great surprise. You can put this in recipes, smoothies or mix it with water to make it spreadable. Personally, I would also buy it for camping trips. If you normally have peanut butter that needs to be in the refrigerator, this is a good backup to bring with you.

Vegan Protein + Green – Vanilla – Pro Circuit Organik

A mixture of 4 carefully selected organic vegan proteins to make an exceptional drink containing 20g of protein. The addition of 12 organic fruits and vegetables contribute a high content of vitamins and minerals giving the drink incomparable taste.

Vegan, mix of fruits, veggies and lots of protein, this protein shake looks promising. I am training 6 days a week, sometimes 2-3 times a day, so I like to add a bit of protein powder in my smoothies or energy balls to keep me going.

Phyto Greens Powder – Genestra Brands

Helps reduce symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as nasal discharge, sneezing, nasal congestion and itching. Source of antioxidants that help protect against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

Now, you understand why I said Little Life Box must have heard me sneezing… My allergies are quite intense this year and started pretty early. This product is one of the most expensive in this box (found it at $71 on I will definitely give it a try even if, at first glance, it is not my kind of drink (green with a grass smell, humm).

Nasal Spray – A.Vogel

Homeopathic medicine used for the treatment of symptoms associated with hay fever such as sneezing, itchy nose, scratching throat, burning eyes, lacrimation (watery eyes).

This nasal spray will accompany the Photo Greens Powder wonderfully! It has a nice portable size and it is made from a well-known brand.

Assorted Teas – Vahdam (samples)

Here are the five teas in the box: Turmeric Spiced Herbal, Chamomile Mint Citrus Green, India’s Original Chai, Organic Himalayan Green, Darjeeling Summer Black.

Vahdam teas all come from India and pass directly from the farmer to the company. Vahdam also gives 1% of their revenue towards the education of the farmers’ children.

I drink mostly tea, so I am always happy to find new teas to try. I wish I received their white tea too (white tea fan here!), but all five look really good.

Facial Scrub – Pravi (sample)

I love it when I receive new products from companies based in my province (Quebec). Facial scrubs are part of my weekly routine (I do one once a week) and Pravi facial scrub looks promising. All their products are vegan and made from natural ingredients (no fragrance or weird terms you can’t pronounce). I also liked the fact that Pravi took the time to detail every ingredient in their products on their website.

Body Lotion and Sunscreen – All Good (samples)

Sunscreen: SPF 30 UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection. 80 minute water resistant, non-nano zinc, only lightweight formula, non-greasy, sport — organic green tea, rose hips and buriti oil for repairing damaged skin

Coconut Lotion: All Good Body Lotion repairs your dry skin for a youthful, non-greasy feel with rejuvenating organic botanical ingredients. We’ve taken care to produce the most soothing organic lotion possible with nature’s safest and most potent organic ingredients and medicinal plants.

This is a great duo of products to try. With two kids going to a summer camp this year, I will need quite a lot of sunscreen and I like to put only good stuff on them. I never tried All Good before but I already love their company. They use organic, non GMO ingredients, are vegan and eco-friendly just to name a few things about them. Perfect for me and my family.

Little Life Box Review April 2019 – Final thoughts

What an amazing box with such a great value! I received ten different products in my April Little Life Box for a total value of $113. That is over four times the price of the box! I feel like LLB knew exactly what I needed this April to start Spring healthy and full of energy. I loved every product in that box and I really hope the Phyto Greens Powder will work.

Jacynthe Létourneau –

Little Life Box

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