Little Life Box Review December 2018

Little Life Box is my favorite subscription box. It is also the first one I tried a few years ago. I was coming back to work after my first pregnancy leave and I felt the need to treat myself. Working a full-time job, taking care of the kids, juggling with our activities outside of work, I wanted something just for me.

I was especially looking for a box made in the province of Quebec with healthy products and was so happy to find La petite boîte à vie (Little Life Box in French). A project created by a mother and daughter duo, sharing their passion for a healthy lifestyle.

I now have the opportunity to share with you the December box.

Subscription Details

Canadian Subscriptions:

  • Choose from either the Original Box or the Vegan Box
  • Month to Month ($23/box), 3-Month ($22/box) and 6-Month ($21/box) subscriptions
  • Quarterly Subscription = $45

Shipping is $7 per box

US Subscriptions:

  • Quarterly Subscription = classic $25 or deluxe $45
  • Annual Subscription = $90 for the classic one or 170 for the deluxe size (4 boxes prepaid)
  • Trial Box = $27 (one time purchase)

Free shipping

Here’s a closer look at the items in the December Little Life Box….

Crunchy Mini Cookies – Chocolate Chip – Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life makes allergy friendly products; they are free from gluten and 14 common allergens: wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, casein, soy, egg, sesame, sulphites, lupine, mustard, fish, shellfish, and crustaceans.

I had already bought their bags of chocolate chips but now, I will look forward to buy those chocolate chip cookies. The cookies are delicious and the size of the bag was perfect for a snack. I tried one and a few minutes later, I was looking at an empty bag (yum!).

Cricket Protein Bar – Cinnamon Cardamom and Chili Chocolate – Crickstart

Cricket powder is high in vitamin B12, iron and magnesium. There is also 12 g of protein in a bar. I must admit, I am not a big fan of bugs, so eating crickets sounds a little bit strange to me but I will definitely give it a try because the flavors looks super good and it is also organic, full of good and simple ingredients. I believe that it would be perfect after my training.

Premium Virginia Artisan Peanuts – Habanero – Pisootz

Habanero, that sounds like really hot peanuts… Well, that is perfect for an office snack (Might bring a bit of heat in my cold office!).

Hot Chocolate – Original Dark – Camino

Camino is a Canadian brand that I love and use almost every week. Their products are organic and fair trade. I buy the cocoa powder and the chocolate bars and was happy to find a hot chocolate mix. I do not drink coffee (I prefer tea and infusion) but when I need a comfort drink, hot coco is my go-to. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

Smoked Shorty Sausages – Original Recipe – Duke’s

The smoked shorty sausage are made with hickory hardwood smoke and slow dried with no nitrites added. It is a snack low in sugar (1 g per portion) and high in proteins (10 g). Jerky is not a snack I tend to buy but I trust this company who does not compromise quality. They use few natural ingredients and have put together some interesting flavors like chorizo and lime or hickory peach BBQ.

Pumpkin Seeds – Home-Style Roast – Bigs

Another healthy snack full of fiber and proteins. I have never tried this brand, and I am happy to have the home-style roast to try first. The bag is so big, I will most certainly share it with my friends and family during Christmas vacations.

Vegan Mayonnaise – Mama Yo!

Mama Yo created a vegan mayonnaise not only for vegans, but also for people with intolerance and food allergies. It is definitely a good replacement for traditional mayo.

Vanilla Coconut Bites – Koukla Delight

These bites are so delicious! They are gluten-free and the sugar comes from maple syrup (I like natural sugar!). I discovered Koukla Delight a year ago and it was love at first bite. I do not always have everything on hand (or the time) to make a batch of energy balls and a bag of Koukla Delight bites makes the perfect replacement.

Honey Lozenges – Citrus – Honibe

December, the cold days, the kids getting sick more often… and sharing their little bugs. Like most people, I do not have time to get sick or stay sick for long, so I always have my favorite products on hand to cope with sickness. I was happy to try the Honibe honey lozenges since I already own a similar product and find it very effective.

Hand and Nail cream – Argan – Inecto Naturals

I love the fragrance of argan oil! And I also happen to have super dry hands when winter comes so this product is a big plus for me. It leaves my hands smooth and smelling nice. Also, the cream does not leave a greasy film (I have to manipulate files at my work and appreciate when my hand cream does not leave traces).

Little Life Box December 2018 Review – Final Thoughts

Little Life Box has put together the perfect December box. I felt that every item had his place for this month (the cream and the honey lozenges got here right on time!) There was mostly food high in proteins to keep me going for those busy days before Christmas vacations and health products that I needed. The box has a value of 47 $ and I could not be more happy!

P.S. This is my first review as part of the AYOB Choice Blogger team. If you have any comments, contact me. 🙂

Jacynthe Létourneau –

Little Life Box

Little Life Box is a subscription box that includes 8-12 new healthy beauty, skincare, snacks & wellness items to discover every season.

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