Little Life Box Review Fall 2019

Little Life Box is a seasonal subscription box from Canada full of vegan products. It gives you the opportunity to sample and experience new vegan, health conscious and mostly organic products in a convenient and fun way that saves you money. You find around 8 to 12 products (mostly full size), a lot coming from Canadian companies.

As soon as I opened the box, a charming aroma came to me. What product can it be that smells so good. I could not wait to find out. This month, Little Life Box kindly sent me their Fall box to review (they recently switched the monthly box to a seasonal one).

You have two options to subscribe: Pay $45 per season (you can cancel anytime) or pay $160 annually ($40/season) for four boxes. Shipping is now free for both options!

I would greatly recommend the annual option since you cannot be disappointed with Little Life Box and that makes you save $20. I have received many boxes from this company in the past years and have never been disappointed. The products are awesome, and the box value is at least double what you pay.

The products always come in this nice box and carefully covered with colored silk paper. The pale orange they chose is so perfect for an Fall themed box. The pale tone makes it look classy and fits nicely with the cute card saying: “hello pumpkin”. I am very excited to discover this second seasonal box.

Salt Spring Coffee – Blue Heron

Named for the majestic birds found on Salt Spring Island’s Blue Heron Rookery, this medium dark blend is unassuming one minute and bold the next—just like its namesake.

I am not a coffee drinker, but this coffee looks amazing and I will be proud to serve it to my next guests. It is from a company established in British Columbia (Canada) that offers different variety of organic and fair-trade coffee.

Ground Turmeric – Cha’s

Deliciously fragrant and rich in curcumin and other phytonutrients, this is far from your average spice. Grown with care by small-scale Sri Lankan producers, brought to you with love by Cha’s Organics.

Bring on the spices! I have a drawer in my kitchen filled with spices. I literally must stop myself from buying new ones every week. I do not think I ever saw Cha’s at my grocery stores, so I was happy to discover it through Little Life Box. Now, let’s find a new recipe to try with this delicious turmeric.

Ashwagandha Root Powder – Organic’s Traditions

Ashwagandha is also known as The Indian Ginseng because its actions and uses are similar to those of Chinese Ginseng. As an adaptogenic herb, it is one of the most commonly used roots in Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine for increased stamina. It has also been traditionally used to promote a calm mind and encourage restful sleep.

I am really intrigued by this product. From what I read, it looks very versatile (you can add some in your smoothies, yogurt, desert, juice, water, etc.). I think I am not the only one thinking this product sounds perfect for Autumn. I have not changed anything in my routine, but the shorter days are slowly getting to me, and my energy level is dropping every week. I will add some Ashwagandha to my breakfast to help me get through the seasonal transition.

Tutti Gourmet Bites – Almond and Cocoa

This rich tasting blend of organic cacao and finely sliced almonds with a hint of rum makes this a delicately sweet snack that will satisfy any chocoholic.

I have known Tutti Gourmet for some years now and was excited to find it in my box. Almond and cocoa is such a perfect mix (in the Biscotti line, it is also my favorite flavour. Yum!). Vegan, gluten-free, no sugar added and delicious, that is a go-to snack.

Antioxidant – Well Told Health

Another product I am truly curious to test. It is a vegan capsule filled with these four organic ingredients: mamla, raw cacao, cloves and grapes. They all have antioxidant properties which should boost your body to protect from oxidative stress (like the one caused by intense workout or emotional stress), help combat toxins and free radicals and of course supplement your diet if you are not eating enough antioxidant rich food.

Echinacea Lozenge – A. Vogel

Am I the only one with two kids who already brought back viruses from school? I need all the help I can get, and natural options are the best. Once again, I discovered the large array of expertise of A. Vogel with another of their products. Echinacea is well known to prevent and treat colds and the lozenges also have a soothing effect. Big plus, it tastes sweet and fresh.

Ayurvedic Wrinkle Serum – Auromere

A deep-penetrating, nourishing serum that softens and smoothes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially for delicate and aging facial skin and neck area. Rich in micronutrients and naturally occurring citric, lactic, lauric and linoleic fatty acids, the ingredients are combined into a highly effective formula for daily facial skin rejuvenation and radiance.

This product is the priciest of the box. It is made of 14 potent Ayurvedic botanical extracts, oils and natural ingredients. It is a light orange (you cannot see the color on your skin) oil with a soft smell. Now 32 years old, I must admit, I am starting to see some fine lines on my forehead and I do not especially like it. I will try Auromere serum to see if the magic works on me.

Two Masks from 7th Heaven

I received two different types of mask from 7th heaven. One is a pink guava peel-off that combines purifying guava and mangosteen fruits to help improve skin tone and purify and refine pores. The second one is made of pink clay with damask rose oil and shea and cocoa butter to add a moisturizing effect.

Based on the detail in the circle at the top left corner of the package, the pink rose clay mask fits my skin type, but I am curious to see how good at purifying and refining pores the peel-off mask is.

Lip Gloss – Color YUL – Floss

My New Favourite Gloss is just that. It’s not glittery, not sticky, and not grimy. Instead we created the holy grail, the gloss you’ll take with you everywhere. It’s hydrating, long-lasting, smooth and most importantly comfortable to wear. Use it alone for a semi-sheer wash of color or over your lip color for added shine.

I think I found my new go-to gloss. It is comfortable, and it just brings a nice shine to your lips. There is no color to it, so that makes it perfect to match any eye shadow or outfit. Also, it does not have the strong smell some gloss has and it is not too sticky.

Hanging Fragrance Diffuser – Bergamot & White Tea – No BS Skincare

Hang this elegant essential oil car diffuser anywhere you like. In the car, closet or have it sit on your desk for all day aromatherapy fragrance. This little gem is refillable with your favorite essential or fragrance oil.

Such a lovely product. I was tempted to put in our car, but since I spend most of my time working at my desk, I will bring it to my office and benefit from it almost everyday. Another thing that I like is the fact that is refillable. I am doing my best to create less waste and tend to buy more durable products that I can reuse so that is a big plus for me.

Little Life Box Review Fall 2019 – Final thoughts

The Fall box from Little Life Box invites you to relax and take it slow. Exactly what you need when Autumn comes. Every product seems to go toward wellness and relaxation. You put on your comfy pajamas, brew some Salt Spring Coffee, set a 7th Heaven moisturizing mask on, grab some Tutti Gourmet Bites and you are on your way to a cozy evening.

I also appreciate that most products are made in Canada and everything brings a little bit of goodness. It is only the second seasonal box from Little Life Box and I think they already outdid themselves. If you need a little help with the seasonal change, or simply a chance to discover new amazing vegan products, I definitely recommend Little Life Box.

Jacynthe Létourneau –

Little Life Box

Little Life Box is a subscription box that includes 8-12 new healthy beauty, skincare, snacks & wellness items to discover every season.

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