Little Life Box Review November 2018

Little Life Box is a Canadian subscription box that gives you the opportunity to sample and experience new green, organic and health conscious products in a convenient and fun way that saves you money. Little Life Box kindly sent us this box to review.

Do you have someone on your Christmas list who loves discovering new health conscious products? Or do you yourself like to test out new healthy snacks, supplements and skincare? Then Little Life Box just might be the box for you. It’s the perfect way to test out new products and brands.

Subscription Details

Canadian Subscriptions:

  • Choose from either the Original Box or the Vegan Box
  • Month to Month, 3-Month or 6-Month subscriptions
  • Shipping is $5 per box

US Subscriptions

  • Quarterly Subscription = $25 per box
  • Annual Subscription = $90 (4 boxes pre-paid)
  • Trial Box = $27 (one time purchase)

Here’s a closer look at the items we received this month…..

Coconut Jerky – Naked – Hungry Buddha

Hungry Buddha Coconut Jerky is artisanally made from gently dehydrated coconut “meat”. It’s raw, organic, vegan, Non-GMO, preservative-free, gluten-free and hand-crafted.

A delicious, guilt-free snack with healthy fats to keep you fuller, longer, for on-the-go, healthy snacking. Naturally gluten-free and free from refined sugar, this better-for-you snack is great on its own, or as a meat replacement in salads, sandwiches and other recipes.

Ummm…….best snack ever!!! This is a personal favourite. I discovered it a few months ago and now I buy it on a regular basis. We received the plain version but they also have teriyaki, cocoa, and a jalapeño flavour. So good!!!

Granola – Triple Nut Crunch – Granolust

Granolust produces the most delicious organic, vegan & gluten-free premium granola you’ve ever tasted! Triple Nut Crunch is our most popular flavor featuring slow roasted almonds and cashews. We use only the finest ingredients, healthiest oils and non-refined sugars.

This is a brand I have received before and I quite enjoy their granola. It’s healthy and tasty and the flavour we received sounds pretty darn good.

Real Salt – Redmond

There is a vast difference in the quality of salts on the market today. A quick glance at the ingredients label on most salts might surprise you! Many salts contain anti-caking agents and even dextrose (sugar). Others have been heat processed and stripped of their natural trace minerals. Real Salt® brand sea salt on the other hand, is unrefined and full of natural minerals and flavor – the way salt was meant to be savored.

Is anyone else freaked out by the thought of salt containing sugar?? I will never look at salt the same way again. I have always leaned towards quality salt for seasoning our food, but now I am going to pay even more attention to the brands we purchase. I’m extremely happy to have received this in the box.

Raw Mixed Nuts – Unsalted – FoodFix

Nothing is worse than not being able to find food when you need it. Keeping healthy snacks on hand at all times is a must. These unsalted nuts are the perfect thing to give you an afternoon boost: cashews, almonds, filberts, brazil nuts and walnuts.

I couldn’t agree more! Keeping healthy snacks on hand at all times is an absolute must for this girl. I eat small meals all throughout the day, usually every couple of hours, so I appreciate quality snacks like this. They are healthy and perfect for an afternoon pick me up.

Protein Bar – SunWarrior Sol Bars

Crafted from organic superfoods like yellow peas, brown rice, quinoa, blueberry, sunflower butter, and coconut. Sunwarrior Sol Good Protein Bars are ready to go wherever you find yourself, from your office to the trails. These premium plant-based protein bars are loaded with health! You’re looking at a full scoop of protein powder in each bar, no blender required! That’s 17 to 19 grams per bar, with plenty of healthy fiber and very few sugars.

It makes me so darn happy when we receive snacks made with plant-based protein……really it doesn’t. And, I am becoming familiar with this particular brand and find their bars to be quite tasty.

QB Fruit Fragola

QB Fruit in soft cubes in packs of 25 grams with six variations created by selecting the most popular fruits. The fragrant and delicate peach, the full-bodied and sweet pear, the strawberry and the cherry with unmistakable flavors and the berries for the most refined palates. And there are also practical 30 grams, soft and delicious QB MIX bars that combine the flavors and aromas of fruit to create an explosion of taste: a mix of fruits, a mix of cranberries and a mix of berries.

The perfect snack to have on hand when you need something sweet but want to skip the sugar.


We also received samples of the following:

  • Organic Jelly Beans – Jelly Belly
  • Eczema Cream – Flexitol Naturals
  • Coffee Leaf Tea – Wize Monkey
  • Latte Pastes – Earth’s Eats
Little Life Box Review November 2018 – Final Thoughts

I don’t know about you, but I find Little Life Box to be such an exciting subscription box to receive. The unboxing process is so much fun, you ever know what you are going to find in the box. I always end up discovering something new and I always end up learning something. This month’s box opened my eyes to the world of salt and how important it is to use quality brands. Oh, and the fact that they included a bag of coconut jerky just makes the November box that much better. As always, Little Life Box is a favorite.


Little Life Box

Little Life Box is a subscription box that includes 8-12 new healthy beauty, skincare, snacks & wellness items to discover every season.

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