Little Life Box Review Spring 2022

One of my favourite seasonal boxes has arrived. The temperature is getting a little above 0 degrees most days this week, and I am so ready to see more green than white outside. While I am being confined at home (one of my kids had a positive COVID test), receiving a box filled with healthy and interesting surprises is just what I need to get my mood up.

With Little Life Box, it means receiving, every season, 8 to 12 different products (mostly full size), most of them coming from Canadian companies. There are always new products and brands to discover.

If you want to try Little Life Box, you have two options: subscribe for one season at a time at $49.95 per season (you can cancel anytime, and shipping is free) or pay $179.80 annually ($44.95/season) so you will receive one box every 3 months. I would greatly recommend the annual option since you cannot be disappointed with LLB and that makes you save $20. (All prices are in Canadian dollars.)

There is even a special code this season to receive the Winter box for free if the Spring box is your first shipment from LLB.

When you open the box, there are two cards at the top. One has a nice design with the season written on it and the other one is a cute list of the items. There is not a lot of information on the products, but it gives all the basic information we need with prices, which makes the global value of the box easier to see without having to search every item online. I also appreciate that the list is also in French on the other side (since this box comes from the province of Quebec, it’s a must!)

Now, let me tell you a bit more about the Spring box.

*Little Life Box kindly sent me this box for review.

Air Freshener from Purple Frog

If you are going back to your office after months, maybe 2 years working from home, that may be a stressful event. Burning candles is not allowed in most offices, so this on-the-go spray is perfect for your space. The lavender and chamomile pair well and are soothing. A nice touch to feel more relaxed in your workspace. The spray works nicely, and the smell is not overpowering. Purple Frog is a Canadian company, and they focus on air fresheners, hand sanitizer and to create natural, safe and effective products.

Revitalizing Algae Clay Mask from B’leau

This mask has such a cool color. It is prussian blue and I found the application relaxing and I think the color was part of the reason. The mix of ingredients is said to boost collagen, lifting and tightening skin and prevent future fine lines from forming. It is vegan, toxin-free and formulated for all skin types. I have sensitive skin and I had no reaction after a 10-minute application. It did a deep clean of my pores and I am curious to see the result after 1-2 uses per week for a few weeks.

Mystic Forest Pigment Palette from Estate Cosmetics

“A forbidden world awaits you in the new Mystic Forest palette. This high-pigment palette blends like magic and features 9 shades in a range of formulas including our rich mattes, velvety shimmers and brand new buttery metallics. Let your imagination run ablaze”

There are 6 matte tones, two metallics and one is the velvety shimmer. Their names are as beautiful as their color like zinnia, mystic, fairy dust and pixie. Estate Cosmetics is now a classic in Little Life Box and I had the occasion to try some of their eye shadows before and the application and result are always smooth and pretty. I will put this palette to good use, since I want to go back to a bit of makeup on office days.

Chocolate Bar from Ritter Sport

A sweet treat? I’m in! Chocolate is a classic to add to a subscription box and even more this time of year with Easter right at the corner. This particular bar looks delicious with the cashew layer. Dark chocolate would have been even better (and healthier) but this still looks delicious.

Mandala Colouring Book from Reverse Karma

This colouring book is a great idea. Coloring mandalas is a nice activity to unwind at the end of the day. There are 54 pages, the paper is superior quality and since it is a small book, it will be easy to bring it along with me for a quick art session during transportation to my office or to keep on my nightstand. What I like the most about it is the Zen quotes every two pages and that it is made in Canada. I would have liked a few pencils in the box to go along with this book.

Intensive Overnight Cream from Mederma

“During sleep our bodies work harder to help reverse the damage caused during the day, repairing and regenerating skin cells faster. Mederma® PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream is formulated to complement this activity with TripeptolTM, a skin nourishing complex with peptides, collagen, and antioxidants to promote healthy looking skin.”

This cream promises to improve the color, size, and overall appearance of scars. One of my sons has a scar that does not look very nice. This product might be a good solution. We all have a little bit of scarring, some from acne or a surgery or a simple scratch that did not heal properly. I think this cream is worth testing. Looking at the price ($24) and the size of the bottle (20 ml), I hope it works.

Vegan Vitamin D3 Tabs from A. Vogel

“Helps to maintain and support immune function. Helps in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth. Helps in the absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus.”

Vitamin D3 is a staple for me. I take some every day, and I will be happy to try this new addition from A. Vogel’s. It is a Canadian brand I have seen quite a few times in Little Life Box, and I always liked their products. Normally, I would not buy it shaped in pills (personal preference), but these are so small, they will be easy to swallow, so I do not mind.

Chlorophyll Liquid Greens from Pure-Le Naturals

I discovered Pure-Le Natural back in January 2019 with Little Life Box. I had received liquid chlorophyll with the same flavor but with activated charcoal. It was an initiation to chlorophyll for me at that moment and I drank some more regularly after that. It is a taste to get accustomed to. Chlorophyll is known to be a gentle cleanser. It also improves your blood count, eliminates body odors and helps purify the liver to name just a few health benefits. The mint flavor is a nice one to try and this small bottle offers 4 servings. 1 tablespoon in a glass of water, twice a day is enough to feel the benefits.

Nasal Strips from Breath Right

I knew these strips existed to help with snoring, but I did not know there was a kind you could use when you have a cold or the flu. Considering COVID and many other viruses are still out there, that is the kind of product I am not surprised to see even in a Spring themed box. I hope I will not have to use these, but if I do get a cold or anything else, I will be happy to have this on hand.

Little Life Box Spring 2022 Review – Final Thoughts

There was also one last item I did not mention since it was not on the list. It is in my last picture, and it is a small bag of Squish gummies. It was a bonus in 400 boxes and 200 other boxes had a face toner by Neil’s Yard Remedies. There was an impressive mix of items this season and I loved the variety. Everything except one product is from Canada, which I always appreciate when the subscription is Canadian, and Little Life Box went with a lot of new products which I like even more. Companies like Purple Frog and B’leau were new to me, and I hope to see more from them. The makeup palette from Estate Cosmetic is the most expensive item in the box ($30) and so worth it. With a total value of $142 with so many good products, it is exceptional.

Jacynthe Létourneau –

Little Life Box

Little Life Box is a subscription box that includes 8-12 new healthy beauty, skincare, snacks & wellness items to discover every season.

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